Saturday January 19, 2019
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Colorado Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce CO Gun Laws

Quotes are from the NYTimes article…….commentary is inserted by – cynthia. Some sheriffs, like Sheriff Cooke, are refusing to enforce the laws, saying that they …violate Second Amendment rights. Commentary: SINCE WHEN is a Sheriff the Supreme Court deciding what is constitutional! Sheriff Cooke: “In my oath it says I’ll [...]

December 16, 2013 Cynthia News 1

Zenzinger Appointed to Hudak Senate Seat

A legislative newcomer but experienced campaigner, Zenzinger was smart pick for Dems in the hotly divided district WESTMINSTER, Colo. — In something of a surprise vote, a majority of 66 vacancy commissioners selected Arvada City Councilwoman and former campaign manager Rachel Zenzinger to replace Democratic state Senator Evie Hudak, who resigned [...]

December 15, 2013 Cynthia News 0

BREAKING: Colorado School Shooting at Arapahoe H.S.

Centennial, Colorado (CNN) — A student opened fire Friday inside a suburban Denver high school, injuring at least three people before turning the gun on himself, authorities said. The shooting began after the student entered Arapahoe High School in Centennial with the intention of confronting a teacher, Sheriff Grayson Robinson told [...]

December 13, 2013 Cynthia News 1

Rep. Jared Polis Explodes In Defense of Immigrants & Dreamers

Commentary: This is an amazing video to see of Rep Polis, his passion is rarely on display, but here he is clearly emotional and angry. Polis is about 2:30 min into the video. I say THANK YOU Rep Polis!  Note – The really sad thing is to notice how EMPTY [...]

December 12, 2013 Cynthia News 0

Polis to Colorado Oil and Gas Association: ‘Stop suing the communities I represent’

Colorado Congressman Jared Polis is having a particularly passionate populist week. And he took quick action Wednesday in wake of news that the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, the industry’s powerful state lobbying group, was suing Fort Collins for passing a moratorium and Lafayette for passing a full ban on [...]

December 12, 2013 Cynthia News 0

ALEC Nation: Demanding Lawmaker Allegiance

If you aren’t familiar with ALEC – you should be. Read this and the the News article I also posted. ALEC is a scourge on our country. – cynthia ALEC Nation: Demands Lawmaker Allegiance an The Part of Corporations – And Gets It The news is out: ALEC has been [...]

December 9, 2013 Cynthia Blue in Colorado 0

Colorado judge: Cake baker discriminated against gay couple

“Longstanding Colorado state law prohibits… businesses to refuse service based on factors such as race, sex, marital status or sexual orientation,” wrote the ACLU, who represented the couple, David Mullins and Charlie Craig. “Earlier this year, the Colorado Civil Rights Division found that Phillips illegally discriminated… and today’s decision affirms [...]

December 8, 2013 Cynthia News 0

Connect For Health Colorado Health Exchange On Tour!

New Ways to Connect to Coverage during the Holiday Season We’ve got lots of news to share as we enter the holiday season and increase our outreach efforts to help Coloradans get enrolled in quality health coverage. Statewide Tour! The Holiday Connect-to-Coverage Campaign starts December 5! We’ll be driving a [...]

December 1, 2013 Cynthia News 0

Sen Hudak Resigns to End Recall Threat And Hold Democrats’ Senate Majority

This is a travesty. The secret money of the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity had already funneled millions of dollars into the recalls of Senate President Morse and Senator Giron.  The NRA/Gun Lobby is continuing to threaten one recall at a time against the Colorado legislators who voted FOR Colorado’s [...]

November 27, 2013 Cynthia Blue in Colorado 2

Anti-Choice Groups Gearing Up for Red State Battles

The Next State-Level Fights Over Abortion Are Already Brewing… Last week, voters in Albuquerque rejected a ballot initiative that would have imposed the first city-level ban on later abortions. It was a closely-watched campaign — largely because a 20-week abortion ban in Albuquerque would have had far-reaching implications — and [...]

November 26, 2013 Jack Russell Red State Dems Network 1