Saturday December 15, 2018
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Colorado School Board Member Calls for Castration of Transgender Students (VIDEO)

No, this is NOT a joke…. It’s just disgusting. Residents of Delta County have expressed concern over recent statements made in public by Delta County School Board member, Katherine Svenson. At the October meeting she commented on rights of transgender [...]

November 22, 2013 News

ACA…The President’s Katrina?!?!?

So—Republicans are calling the web site problems of ACA “Obama’s Katrina”. No, they are not exactly right…. In Bush’s Katrina, over 1800 people died. Bush flew over New Orleans in Air Force One, not wanting to get on the ground – [...]

November 18, 2013 Blue in Colorado

What’s Really Going On With Those Cancelled Policies?

Nobody said getting healthcare to tens of millions would be easy, but that doesn’t mean we give up. It means we work harder. Millions of Americans were seeing insurance plans get cancelled before Obamacare – but instead of upgrading policies, [...]

November 15, 2013 Blue in Colorado

Working Together For Successful Change->FORWARD

Working Together for Successful Change ~  Guest Blog by Tom Murren Working Together for Successful Change To Ending the Political Madness in Today’s America November 14, 2013 by Tom Murren Like most of Americans I know, I have been increasingly [...]

November 14, 2013 Blue in Colorado

Tell the House to VOTE On Immigration Reform

It’s pretty simple – there are enough votes in the House to pass immigration reform if Speaker Boehner would allow a vote. Add your name today>  Tell The House: Vote On Immigration Reform   We must keep the pressure on [...]

November 13, 2013 Blue in Colorado

CO ACA Marketplace Launch On Track!

Colorado has worked hard to ensure a successful rollout of its new ACA insurance Marketplace. The effort spent educating, training and guiding people has paid off. The latest figures from Colorado’s health insurance marketplace show 3,408 Coloradans are now covered through the [...]

November 12, 2013 News

Taking A Stand For Democracy

Do you want to support our troops and veterans?  Take a stand for preserving our right to express our right to think , agree, disagree and vote as we please without threats to our elected officials from power money lobbyists [...]

November 11, 2013 Blue in Colorado

Veterans Day Community Celebrations – Honoring Our Veterans Today

Thank you to all our soldiers and their families for their service to our country. The Department of Veterans Affairs website has a map of where community celebrations are happening around the country. The Veterans Day National Committee also selects [...]

November 11, 2013 News

GOP Senate Candidate “Jokes” About Obama Being From Kenya

Sorry, Owen, you can’t spin this birther statement into a “joke”. Owen Hill, a conservative Republican state senator from Colorado vying to challenge Democratic Sen. Mark Udall next fall, went birther at a political breakfast last week. “You spend time [...]

November 8, 2013 News

Fracked citizens to Hickenlooper: ‘Can You Hear Us Now?’

Gov Hickenlooper – it’s time you listened to the citizens of Colorado – they clearly do not want fracking in or near their towns! With decisive wins in Boulder, Lafayette, and Fort Collins – and with a pending squeaker of [...]

November 6, 2013 News