Saturday December 15, 2018
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Polis to Colorado Oil and Gas Association: ‘Stop suing the communities I represent’

Colorado Congressman Jared Polis is having a particularly passionate populist week.

And he took quick action Wednesday in wake of news that the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, the industry’s powerful state lobbying group, was suing Fort Collins for passing a moratorium and Lafayette for passing a full ban on hydraulic fracturing within city limits. He sent a fiery letter to COGA President Tisha Schuller. (He also posted a video online, now included below.)

“Ms. Schuller,” the letter begins. “Please stop suing the communities I represent.”

“Elections matter. In a democracy both sides get to make their case and the people have their say. In the lead up to the recent election, COGA made its case by spending approximately $900,000 in an attempt to defeat the four ballot measures to ban or extend drilling moratoria on the hydraulic fracturing process (“fracking”). Still, the majority of Fort Collins, Boulder, Lafayette and Broomfield chose to pass measures to extend drilling maratoria or fracking bans…

“I ask you to immediately withdraw your lawsuits against Fort Collins and Lafayette. Colorado home rule communities have held these rights for decades: the right to determine how their own city or town will look and feel; the right to decide between an expanding extractive industry and the value of their homes; and the right to balance increased development with the health and quality of life of community residents. Local governments have authority to regulate oil and gas land use activities because oil and gas operations are matters of local concern that directly involve the use of land and are an important issue for residents and neighborhoods.”

Read the full article with Rep Polis’s video and letter at The Colorado Independent

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