Tuesday January 23, 2018
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Sen Hudak Resigns to End Recall Threat And Hold Democrats’ Senate Majority

This is a travesty. The secret money of the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity had already funneled millions of dollars into the recalls of Senate President Morse and Senator Giron.  The NRA/Gun Lobby is continuing to threaten one recall at a time against the Colorado legislators who voted FOR Colorado’s common sense gun violence prevention laws.
Senator Hudak was the primary sponsor of SB-197, which requires domestic violence abusers to relinquish their firearms. THIS is something that gun owners cannot agree with? WHY? We all need to look deeper into where the non-disclosed money is coming from to pick apart Colorado’s small Democratic majority in our Senate. It’s clear that it’s bigger than “just the gun lobby”. 
Although the “front issue” for the recalls is the Colorado gun legislation, none of this would be possible without the millions of $ from the Koch’s AFP.   
How many recalls will they continue to force – one by one? It’s clear that this strategy will drain resources during this upcoming very critical 2014 election cycle.
How long are we going to let the Koch Brothers run Colorado?
Think about it. – cynthia
Sen Evie Hudak resigns

From the article at KDVR.com:

State Sen. Evie Hudak has decided to resign rather than risk facing a recall election that, should she lose, would flip control of the senate to Republicans, FOX31 Denver was first to report Wednesday.

By resigning before the signatures are turned in, she assures that a Democratic vacancy committee will appoint her replacement, keeping the seat — and the senate — in the party’s hands, at least through November, when her successor will be forced to win reelection. State law says that an office-holder can resign up to five days after the Secretary of State deems signatures sufficient to force a recall election, but it’s possible a judge could disagree and allow an election to go forward.

My commentary: Note the last sentence of the above paragraph (that I highlighted) from the article. THIS is why Sen Hudak had to resign before knowing if the recall group had enough signatures. If a judge could decide to ignore her resignation (how/why?), then she did the extremely honorable thing for the Democratic Party in Colorado and resigned – just in case. Thank you Senator Evie Hudak. – cynthia

You can read Sen Hudak’s resignation letter, she points out all the good things she’s accomplished and why she is resigning now.

Opinion commentary by Cynthia

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  • Cole

    “The secret money of the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity had
    already funneled millions of dollars into the recalls of Senate
    President Morse and Senator Giron. ”

    The total amount raised in the Morse and Giron recall was about $540,000. And the anti-recall people raised $3-$3.5 million. And $300,000 of that $540,000 was from the NRA that donated very late after Bloomberg contributed a larger amount.

    How did the Koch Brothers pour millions of dollars into an effort that raised in total a little over half a million? You are a shameless liar.

  • Stoney Huff

    That Aurora theatre massacre could have been FAR WORSE – that lunatic’s machine gun with a 100-round drum magazine jammed, causing him to have to head back to his car after murdering innocent people with other weapons. Thankfully the police arrived then.

    He also had cop body armor on and smoke grenades, in a dark theatre with the movie left running by incompetent staff.

    A very very unlikely scenario is a Dirty Harry type (legally carrying or not) gun owner taking out this bad guy if his machine gun had not jammed.

    According to the NRA – everyone should have a gun in the theatre just in case someone starts shooting, a person, if the NRA prevails, legally allowed to just walk in with a semi-automatic pistol with any number of magazines in his pockets.