Saturday December 15, 2018
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JFK – How He Made A Nation Believe

I will never forget the first time I became interested in politics. I was 14 years old, and I was supporting John F. Kennedy against Richard M. Nixon. My dad was a truck driver, and the teamsters {truck drivers union} were supporting Vice President Nixon. In those days the members of the union would have political meetings in their homes, and have candidates come talk to the voters. Our good friend and neighbor had such a meeting, and my parents went to talk with the people running for office. Of course at fourteen, I was not invited. It would not have changed my mind. The dashing Kennedy had already stolen my heart, and my vote, {if only I had one}. It was probably the first time I got into any political discussions. Of course my dad wasn’t that impressed with my knowledge, thinking the union knew so much more than his fourteen year old daughter.

After he won the election, I followed him, Jackie and their beautiful family as much as I could. President Kennedy was very inspiring to the people my age, and I remember my dad watching the space flights with as much awe as I and my younger siblings did. None of that program would have been possible without the inspiration of John F. Kennedy. He was a person with optimistic ideas for the future, seeing the endless possibilities for our country to do great things. Back then when we had elections, and one side won the country pulled together, including politicians on both sides, to do what was best for the country. As a unit this country could do anything. We proved that with the space program.

It makes me sad to look at the country today, and the destruction one party is willing to cause, just to keep President Obama from achieving anything. I wonder what John F Kennedy would think about the people who have everything, but are so greedy that they will spend money and energy just to get laws passed to leave children, and the elderly with an even more meager existence. What would he think about corporations who pay little or no taxes, yet are pushing to take more from the middle class. John F. Kennedy was considered one of the greatest Presidents we have had, because of his optimistic visions, and his ability to inspire people to do great things for their fellow citizens, and other people around the world. It is so sad that we do not have politicians on both sides of the spectrum that believe in this country, and what we can do when we work together. One side can only do so much. As we honor John F. Kennedy, we should also honor the Republicans of his day for being willing to work with President Kennedy to accomplish so much, during his short term as president. Just think what we could accomplish today, if we had statesmen instead of obstructionists.

Yes, I remember where I was when President Kennedy was killed. I will never forget. More than that I will always remember how he made a nation believe that all things were possible, and a fourteen year old high school student feel that she was part of a wonderful world filled with opportunities. Wouldn’t it be nice if our children could enjoy that feeling today?

Guest Blog by Ruth Ann Satchfield via Progressive Democrats – Moving Forward, Not Back

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