Tuesday December 12, 2017
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Colorado School Board Member Calls for Castration of Transgender Students (VIDEO)

No, this is NOT a joke…. It’s just disgusting.

Residents of Delta County have expressed concern over recent statements made in public by Delta County School Board member, Katherine Svenson. At the October meeting she commented on rights of transgender students…

“I would like to pass out something that shows people what is going on in the rest of the country. Massachusetts and California have passed laws relating to calling a student, irrespective of his biological gender, letting him perform as the gender he thinks he is, or she is. I just want to emphasize, not in this district. Not until the plumbing’s changed. There would have to be castration in order to pass something like that around here.”

Read the full article on NewsChannel5 website.

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  • James P White

    wow, I hope the rest of you are not so judgemental,

  • Bjbutterfli Hayhurst

    You even think of touching my child I will come after u like a momma bear and her cubs.

  • blueheronwv

    What a piece of work this one is…..she needs to be terminated NOW!

  • Jackie

    Not until the plumbing’s changed?

    She’s a member of the school board in this district?

  • Gilberto Urroz

    Fire the bytch!

  • Jim Fuge

    oouch,..I’m sure she didn’t mean for that to go public! Usually such colorful comments are shared with ones trusted friends ,..not with ,..the Internet!!!

    Better luck next time!

  • Patricia Logan

    What an ignorant comment. How is it Ms. Svenson that you castrate a girl? Are you also a physician skilled in sexual reassignment surgery or are you another foolish bureaucrat talking out of your butt about something you know nothing about? Do you even have children? Perhaps you advocate the State taking these children in hand. My stomach churns when I read the ignorance coming out of some peoples pie holes. Seriously, go get an education… but not in your district!

    • Barbi

      Johns Hopkins Hospital pioneered in sex reassignment surgery –and quit doing it because the patients were just as mentally distressed afterwards as before. Note that one European transgender recently committed suicide because he/she was unhappy with the results of the surgery –felt like a mutilated freak.

      • Rani Bakr

        Literally everything you just posted is 1000% wrong.

        The reason Johns Hopkins closed down their gender clinic
        ward was because of a poor record of follow up care of their patients,
        which did leave many with mental distress. SRS has something like a ~90% satisfaction rate amongst trans-feminine individuals. Unfortunately, medical technology is still lacking when it comes to phalloplasty options for trans-masculine individuals like the trans man you mentioned. HE (not he/she for chrissakes) also had a very troubled life outside of struggling with trans status.

        • Barbi

          I don’t think you can separate the troubled life from the trans status struggle. Gender is their pre-occupation–and feeling bad about those who reject them –won’t date them–don’t want to room with them, –or their date will be mad when he finds out she’s a genetic male, incapable of reproduction by any normal route. How much kinder to help kids enjoy their gender assignment and role –instead of encouraging the mix-up between the ears.

          • Rani Bakr

            Um… the example you gave earlier was a trans MAN that committed suicide. As in, assigned female at birth and transitioning towards living as a man. Despite your obsession, not every trans person is a trans woman.

            And plenty of trans folks develop how they do with no encouragement. Many wind up homeless or are physically abused by their parents simply for who they are. Many wind up committing suicide. I mean, I get that is the kind of “help” you actually approve of and endorse, and that you encourage such abuse, or else you wouldn’t be so quick to judge parents that are accepting.

            I get that you have no idea what you are talking about, but seriously you have LITERALLY no idea what you are talking about.

          • Barbi

            Um–it matters to you –makes some difference –if the person is trying to become male –or female? I’m curious –you call the person a trans MAN. “He” could just as accurately be called a trans woman by reason of biology. One who transitioned FROM female to male –a woman who has transgendered to male –who is a genetic female and thus a transgendered female. Granted, you in the field of defending all the sexually confused have your definitions. I have one, also –which most of the country has voted for –the definition of marriage as one man with one woman.

            I understand the parents who are grieved to the point of rejection of a child who grows up to be a drag queen with all their extremes in attitudes and behavior. But I doubt many of these were loving healthy wise parents in the first place –who taught Junior what it was to be a man. i understand their not wanting to welcome the gay partner into their religious home –especially if they feel the partner was responsible for introducing their child to perversion.

          • elmo5159

            Homosexuality is not a “perversion,” Barbi, and it is not considered to be a “disease” or “illness” by the medical and scientific communities. And you cannot “catch teh gay” from someone else — sexual orientation is inborn. It is not caused by “faulty” parenting, or by some kind of sexual trauma a person may have suffered.

            And while you “have your definition” of marriage, it seems that the majority of Americans disagree with you, since the majority of Americans DO support equality, whether you like it or not. Furthermore, the number of states that disagree with you is certainly increasing, and will do so until equality is reached in EVERY state (or the Supreme Court will force equality on them).

          • Barbi

            It’s at least a bad habit that could be avoided at the first thought and act. The CDC has researched homosexuality lately and found that a higher percentage of city dwellers and irreligious people will be homosexual –than rural and religious. Also genetically identical twins aren’t both gay. So the science really is on the side of homosexuality being “made” not “in-born.” Not genetic. More homosexuals have early sex involvement than do heteros, percentage wise –and more of them have been molested in youth percentage wise.

          • Rani Bakr

            Lol “city dwellers”. Are you for real?

          • Barbi

            Something wrong with that denotation? Do people dwell in the city or not?

          • April

            I live my life “a very happy one at that” in the city, I house myself in a dwelling. God your an idiot

          • Barbi

            I’m not the one who ridiculed the mere phrase “city dweller.” Why do homosexuals and liberals always focus on the critics of liberal views –instead of discussing the issues themselves? Because it’s so important to you that you discredit the critics -if you can –instead of defending your beautiful lifestyles and liberal views –because that would be more difficult.

            When I used the phrase “city dweller,” I was simply telling the forum here –which you may have missed –that the CDC says the percentage of homosexuals is higher in cities than in rural communities and small towns –and higher among the irreligious –than the religious. This is evidence that environment is a factor in homosexuality –instead of genes. There is something about life in the city –and non-religious homes –which makes them more likely to raise homosexuals. One of the correlating factors is very likely the higher prevalence of single parent homes in both the city and among the non-religious.

          • April

            Spoken like a true religious nut case, let me guess, you love Fox news too right? Come on it’s OK to fess up lol

          • Barbi

            Now, April –what in the above post was “religious?” From the CDC? (Center for Disease Control) FOX news is the balance to all the rest where we don’t hear common sense or truth if it isn’t “politically correct.” No question about it, we need to hope that the traditional family structure is the one that most children will grow up to perpetuate –or we’ll have real problems –more than now.

          • April

            Do you just pull this stuff out of your butt? You do know that it’s pretty much a proven fact that those who complain the most are usually those who want to be what they complain about but just don’t have the guts to do it & therefore hate what they can never have??? just thought I’d share that little info for ya Barbi

          • Barbi

            We all support “equality.” The majority of states have supported traditional definition of marriage –by law. Yes, your propaganda is gaining because too many people are not bright –and untaught –and they watch tv for their moral formation –Yikes!

          • Dr Jacqueline

            Exactly– much as the federal government had to lead the way for a host of Labor Laws, the Little Rock 9, MLK, voters’ literacy exams, women’s right to vote, attend school and to teach it while being married… Yes, women were at one point not viewed as capable of maintaining a job and a family so if they were so entrusted to teach had to quit upon getting married just in case they were to get pregnant. These are all milestones in our becoming what our foundation of truth, liberty and the American way represented. Unfortunately, for generations, it has been for the few, the empowered, now the meek are rising and reaching for their inheritance.

          • Danielle Proctor

            Thank you for showing your lack of knowledge on the subject.. As soon as you claimed children grow up to be drag queens you lost all credibility!

          • Barbi

            WHAT? you don’t believe there are such people as “drag queens?” I assure you I didn’t coin the phrase. And they were once children.

          • April

            Drag Queens are 99% of the time gay men who dress as women to entertain you moron lol

          • Barbi

            Well, isn’t that special? and normal? that gay men like to dress as women, mocking them and being ridiculous and flaming in the process –or passing like a transgender wants to do. Why is that entertaining, anyway? I agree that it is entertaining –to see Tyler Perry as Madea, e.g. He admits that he was molested as a kid –and had a bad relationship with his father. And he’s forever single. I don’t know about his orientation but I would expect he had gender-related issues leading to his ability to mock women as Madea.

          • Dr Jacqueline

            April I posted as a reply to you as it would not post under the self-proclaimed well-informed comments of Barbi from whom the more I read, the more convinced I am of her homophobic intent that draws concerns for her stability.
            These men are not all gay, but often this is a means of making a living as talented actors who possess a skill set that is nothing short of incredible. Are some gay? Sure, a high percentage, but there has always been a higher percentage of persons in the entertainment industry who are homosexual… one way or the other. Does this mean that the females who played Peter Pan were gay?

          • Barbi

            Since you intended to comment to me, Dr. J, I’ll oblige with a response. We both know that homophobic means fear of homosexuals. I don’t fear you –or them. I do have a concern for your –their–impact on youngsters who follow trends and fads –who have a lot of self-image confusion as it is –who all tend to feel “different,” without gayness as a possible explanation leading to sex-ploration/ sex-perimentation. I want kids to grow up assuming they are normal –and finding out in marriage that they are indeed –male or female capable of fulfilling the role.

            I do note that homosexuals make their critics the issue –instead of the issue of sexuality itself. We have to be bigots and haters if we think homosexuals and lesbians were supposed to be heteros and got off track somewhere.

          • Barbi

            Danielle –like I said, all drag queens were once children. And you assure me that none are transgenders -they are all homosexuals. In the famous words of hillary Clinton, “What difference does that make ?!”

          • April

            Please stop posting, all your doing is sending out misinformation about a subject you know absolutely nothing about… BTW I’m a transwoman & have never been happier in my life

          • Barbi

            Yeah, April. You sound happy. Desperately afraid someone, even you, might believe my “misinfo.” You need not worry–this is a democrats’/liberals’ website. You will find almost NOTHING but approval here for your dissatisfaction with the way God created you –for indulging the fantasy that you were somehow, mysteriously, inexplicably meant to be something for which you were not given genes and equipment. I’m sorry for your situation and the parents or ridiculing society that didn’t help you be happy with your given gender –didn’t assure you that you were just fine the way you were born.

            Granted, I’m assuming here that you are NOT one who was born with ambiguous genitalia or an extra x chromosome –a true “intersexual.” I just read where intersexuals who are assigned a gender at birth are mostly content with that assignment –I would guess having genes for the assigned gender would help. However, even persons with klinefelters (extra x choromosome) raised as boys who have male anatomy and are considered to be males are usually normal and content in their male identity and behaviors –though sterile.

          • April

            your ignorance has now actually become nothing more then entertainment, comic relief if you will Barbi. what’s your problem anyway? do I somehow bother you with my very existence? do I in any way shape or form effect your life negatively like you seem to enjoy having on ours? just exactly what on earth did we do to you?

          • Barbi

            I am concerned for the effect on the next generation –the more we promote transgendering and homosexuality, the more we have children and youth pre-occupied with gender and all the possibilities and options modern people think they have. Same gender sex becomes addictive and habitual –like any fetish –any sex addiction. Married heteros ARE addicted to each other ideally –committed by choice and by will and by attraction –as they are DESIGNED to be –complementary procreators –or at least complementary as intimate partners and lifetime companions. These hetero couples provide stability for all the children and grandchildren that follow –when they conduct marriage properly with love and steadfast commitment. Their children and grandchildren are blessed.

            Those like you experience a lot of trouble being accepted, finding lifetime companions, won’t likely procreate –and if you do, the other bio-parent won’t be in your child’s home with you–relationships will be transient –the kids will not have clear direction for their own gender identity and orientation and many will follow in your footsteps –to the detriment of society as a whole –and to themselves as individuals.

          • Rani Bakr

            There is zero factual basis for any of those assertions. There are plenty of homosexual relationships and relationships where one or both members are trans where the kids turn out well-balanced and heterosexual (and not weighed down by the bigotry hate and abuse that a religious household would have encouraged and fostered in them).

          • Barbi

            No –you have very little evidence of how ADULT children have turned out when raised all their lives by a stable gay or transgendered couple. Because there haven’t been that many lifetime homosexual relationships with children whose children are now grown. Two educated lesbians can behave circumspectly and do well to help children brush their teeth and do their homework and get fed –but what will these kids do about sex when adolescence hits? The jury is out –because stable gay relationships for the lifetime of rearing children is till experimental.

            The Regnerus study of u of Texas (2012?) couldn’t find any adult children of stable gay couples in their random sample of at least 3000 adults — for their research project on the adult outcomes of various styles of parenting. But every adult who had had a gay or lesbian parent at some time during their upbringing (around 100 of their subjects as I recall) was a mess –emotionally. Dysfunctional. Problems with relationships, sexuality, promiscuity, addictions, incarceration, drugs, low achievement and low employment.

          • Rani Bakr

            No one cares about your imaginary study you vaguely remember being posted on whatever hate site you get your information from. The author of the Regenerous study himself admitted he falsified information because he was on the payroll of anti-gay groups.

            In real life, where real things happen, the University Of Melbourne in Australia conducted a study back in May of this year on children in LGBT families and found there was no statistical difference between children of same-sex couples and the rest of the population on indicators including self-esteem, emotional behaviour and the amount of time spent with

            However, children of same-sex couples scored higher than the national average for overall health and family cohesion, measuring how well the family members get along.

            Once again, you are wrong.

          • April

            have you noticed how Barbi hasn’t once post a link where anyone could actually read where she finds her stupidity

          • Rani Bakr

            Oh she’s making stuff up as she goes along. The utter cluelessness of it all is mildly entertaining. :3

          • Barbi

            Glad to oblige –though i am less clueless than you if you never heard of the Regnerus study from your GLBTQ sources.

          • Rani Bakr

            You mean the “study” that the organizer himself admitted was mostly made up and based on heavily faulty information? Oh gosh I wonder why they don’t teach that one.

          • Barbi

            I believe you prevaricate. Prof. Regnerus did not admit the study was made up at all –or flawed. He only admitted that they did not find adults who had been raised all their lives by stable gay or lesbian couples to include in their research on random adult sample of over 3000 adults. That was the homosexuals’ complaint –that adults raised by stable gay couples were not included. That’s because they didn’t find any adults so raised. They found people raised by a parent who was homosexual at some point in their upbringing. And these adults were pretty dysfunctional and miserable on various societal measures.

          • Barbi

            I posted dictionary dot com –and got censored –deleted –so I wonder if links won’t post? I can find you several links to the Regnerus study, no doubt. But you can google it.

          • Barbi

            sigh –Rani Rani Rani– I KNOW there are studies of CHILDREN raised in “stable” homosexual homes now –as I said, they do ok especially with 2 moms if the moms are educated, have income, and get along well with each other but how will they turn out as adults? How will they handle sex and sexuality? And will they be more likely to be gender flexible? or orientation flexible? There aren’t very many adult children raised by “stable” gay or lesbian couples –since such couples are rather new in the culture. The jury is still out as to how well the children will fare AS ADULTS!

            The Regnerus study was 2012, as I recall, and not on a hate site but in the news generally –for readers anyway. U. of Texas. Google it. The gays were all in an uproar about it because they said it wasn’t fair to compare kids raised by gay or lesbian at any time in their life –to those who were raised by stable couples. The problem –no ADULTS were found in their random sample of 3000 plus who were raised by stable gay couples. The kids who turned out best and happiest and most achieving and satisfied in life were those raised by their 2 biological, intact, married parents. The ones who were raised by a gay or lesbian for any part of their growing up years were a mess. No stable gay couples had parented any of the adult people in the sample.

          • Rani Bakr

            It was also proven false. You’d think with all the Googling you’ve recommended that maybe you’d do some yourself. But nah, you have no intention of confronting anything outside of your absurdly limited viewpoint.

          • April

            WOW, hey OK lets just roll right along here Barbi, I’m speechless over the amount of wisdom you possess on the subject, so tell me Barbi now that so many of us are here wreaking havoc on the moral fiber of society, what do you think society should do with us to secure the integrity of America’s youth & future? internment camps perhaps? maybe line us all up * shoot us. naaa, to violent. Prayer maybe? Lets here some more pearls of wisdom please…

          • Barbi

            Since you asked –1st what i wish homosexuals and transgenders would do –before the surgery and hormones for those trying to transgender :

            1. Read Rosaria Butterfield’s book about her “transition” to Christian from lesbian prof to pastor’s wife and mother. She’s not vitriolic or disrespectful of the homosexual community –she taught “queer theory” and English at Columbia u. Also watch her interview on youtube with Marvin O’Laskey, Jewish-Christian editor of World magazine at Patrick Henry College.

            2. Live your life the way you please but don’t insist that we change the definition of marriage in the law (or provide money) to accommodate your CHOSEN difference from the norm –or your mistaken idea that you were born in the wrong body. If that were true, if your mix-up were genetic, the percentage of homosexuals and transgenders should be the same all over the world –and not more prevalent in the non-religious and urban communities. And despite Islam’s intolerance, the condition is rampant in Pakistan –starting with pedophilia leaving boys with gay preference. And MWHSWM are more predominant among black youth now, the leading recipients of new HIV/AIDS cases today –though they don’t necessarily identify as homosexual. The identical twins would always be the same orientation or gender IDENTITY it the conditions were genetic.

            Fact: homosexuals tend to be sexually precocious (precocious and intelligent, generally –often artistic) –showing both early sexual awareness, interest and early involvement –compared to average hetero-sexuals. Too many youth (not all) today lack normal, same gender-affirming role models for their gender in their homes –and some swish left to distinguish themselves from big brothers as mama’s babies of the family (tendency for more gays to be the youngest.) Lesbians have often been victims of molestation by males –I know such a teen girl now who was violently almost raped in a bathroom at a trailer park at 8 –and became very tomboyish and decided she was lesbian a few years later –after trying to have a boyfriend (one date at the mall) and that not working out. (Piffle–a lot of young romances, 1st kisses, etc., are just awkward and unpleasant and ewwwww! YOuth is not the time to switch gender or draw conclusions about one’s ability to be with the opposite gender.) My lesbian cousin ‘settled’ because she was so shy and wasn’t making it with guys –and her uni was promoting gay identity –and some girl liked her “that way” —and she died younger than she should–in early 60’s. She was an artist –and they tend to think they have a mandate to be “different.” I observe. As do some girl athletes these days.

            Interesting sad note: a study of obituaries in both straight and gay publications of gay-friendly San Francisco shows that homosexuals do die younger than heteros. And oddly, the partnered die younger than the non-partnered! The Bible does say that homosexuals “receive the recompense for their error in their bodies.”

            As for what I think SOCIETY should do –first Obama and his dep’t of justice were unconstitutional when they failed to even make an effort to defend federal DOMA law before SCOTUS. And since he put open professed homosexuals in the military without congressional vote, i think that would be unconstitutional, too –considering all the states with DOMA laws.

            The LAW teaches the masses –and the youth –what is right and wrong. (Notice many more abortions since ’73.) The LAW is to restrain evil and promote good. I don’t think sodomy (or abortion) is respectable –even if we must have compassion (and we must) –we ought not condone and encourage gender sex-perimentation and sex-ploration in our youth –and that’s a given for people thinking they just might be homosexuals and the LAW teaching that it’s a normal, healthy variant in human conditions. So, given opportunity and inclination to indulge erotic impulses, they try it out –or through “normal child-sex-play,” experienced by some kids (so called by psych community in the past) they are now led to wonder if their activities mean they are gay –and promiscuity is more likely in their sexpermimentation for gender identity and orientation. Promiscuity leads to STD’s, early pregnancies, and harms our “perma-bondability” –like sticky tape that loses its adhere -ability when used too often. Once it becomes easy to “drop trou” with a series of people, it’s addiction or habitual –too easy.

            Prayer, of course. Asking God to make his will plain. The Bible gives us CLEAR direction about both cross-dressing and homosexual conduct –and about promiscuity and adultery –and fornication. Heterosexual sin has led to homosexual sin. Worship of creature –more than Creator.

            For someone who has gone thru the surgery and truly is happily passing as the opposite gender and living in a stable hetero-appearing relationship with one of the same genetic gender –i think it was sin. but I don’t know that God wouldn’t forgive this gender identity disorder and let that couple continue to live together as man and wife (man and transgendered female) –they are role-modeling the norm as far as the world can tell –if the transition was really “good.” God meets us where we are. But the couple with a transgendered spouse would be sinning to flaunt what they have done –as the first pregnant man did –who had been a lovely girl, a beauty pageant participant –whose boyfriend just didn’t think she was as feminine as he’d like –so she transgendered partially and went on to give birth by artificial insemination –and is now divorced from that woman and has another. (yes, it makes a verb with -ed added –and you know what I mean.) Divorce is bad enough without all this gender confusion in the parents of children. They can’t help but pass on the confusion about gender and orientation.

          • April

            Barbi, obviously you didn’t know I was being sarcastic, I couldn’t careless what you think & quite honestly I sure as hell hope you don’t have children. you have know idea what your talking about, sadly I know there’s no way to educate you. I just hope & pray that if you don’t have children that you can’t breed so the ignorance ends with you. Have a nice life sweetheart

          • Barbi

            O yes, I knew you were being sarcastic –if that’s your euphemism for vitriolic. I know you aren’t interested in what I think –but I never let communication go to waste. You ask me a question –even being disingenous as you were –and I’ll gladly answer. Your frustration is that I DO know what I’m talking about.

          • ANON

            It’s cool cause you’ll be dead and the world will be better for it. 🙂 Also you are one of the big reasons people hate Christians and turn to Atheism and other things. God created everyone in his image and even the Pope said he’s not put on this earth to judge, nothing gives a self righteous bitch like you the right to judge. Have a nice day~

          • Barbi

            Notice ANON –how people like you on the Left of the “social issues” wish death on the Right. The right does not do that to the left. We are up for the discussion and the debate. Your side just gets mad and says, “have a nice day!” –End of discussion–because you have no arguments. You say homosexuals are “made that way” by God –but the Bible only implies that when it says He gives them up to their lusts for their own sex –men abandoning normal use of women to lust after men –and women lusting after other women –nature gone awry –because they chose to worship creature more than Creator and exchanged the truth about God for a lie. (See Romans 1: 18….) –the link is biblegateway dot com.

            I understand full well that those with gender disorder and abnormal orientation hate that the Bible speaks against their lifestyle. Of course God created everyone, male and female, in His image. Now read the rest of it! He designed and made the woman as the complement, the companion, and the one-flesh intimate counterpart to the man. He told them to replenish the earth and rule over all the land and creatures. Together the first couple makes children who become the parents of all the races. Scientists have announced that they can trace all human DNA back to one woman in northern Africa. I remember when they called her Eve on the front page of our then large city paper. Scientists weren’t claiming to validate the Bible –but just to prove that they managed to trace DNA back to one woman. (I don’t profess to understand it –I just remember when it actually was front page news, announced by geneticists.)

            Then Christ Himself says in Matt: 19:4-6 –that His audience knows from the scriptures that God has made male and female in His image –and that no man is to come between them. That the man is to leave his parents and cleave to His wife.

            So if we want to please our Maker, and choose HIS righteousness over all things HE calls sin, we need to help people know Him early in life –while they are still children. We need to tell everyone that it’s not bad news but Good news to find out that Christ covers our sins, delivers us FROM our sins, forgives our sin, loves us and went to prepare a place for us for Eternity. “I go to prepare a place for you that where i am, you may be also.”

            “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

            If the Bible IS truth, then we have a chance for eternal life –but we need to agree with God about our sin. That doesn’t mean He will give us instant perfection–He is the perfect one and His blood covers our sin. But He does tell us to strive for perfection–for righteousness –for holiness –to please God —not seeing His grace as an excuse to continue in our self-centered thinking and habits.

          • Rani Bakr

            Have you considered that many of us don’t give a crap what you think your God thinks?

          • Barbi

            Yes, I know. And this fact will haunt you some day. You will remember that you were informed –and warned –and missed the opportunity for knowledge and Grace when it was available.

        • Barbi

          I’m sure Johns Hopkins didn’t admit to “poor record of follow up care.” So that is the reason given by the mentally distressed community of those who believe in transgendering. No doubt all of those struggling with trans status have “a very troubled life.” How can you separate that from their trans-status? You can’t.

          • Dr Jacqueline

            At least a reply is offered to me here.. I am not homosexual but respect the lives of those I Know who are. It is their life, not mine, they must be allowed to live it the way they need to; they are committing no crime in loving the persons to whom they are drawn. You consistently liken them in the same dynamic as pedophiles and criminals, assessing their romantic draw as a maladaptation of other issues in their being. I have heard few persons who have such a strong hatred of others lives and being and the hypocrisy of your being one with God is almost unimaginable if hypocrisy was not so prevalent in those of your faith. Again, do not write back to me, I have to much work to do in bettering people’s lives than to continue using my time responding to one so full of bigotry and loathing of others.

          • Barbi

            You don’t have to open the Disqus emails, read what i write, or respond. I told you, I shall likely always respond if I can –unless I’m swamped with company coming –and even then I have to sit down sometimes so will probably have time for writing.

            U R right that we are committing no crime by loving people. All of us need same-gender friends. And they can be like soul-mates to us, a great enjoyment. But getting into bed and doing things in imitation of married couples with those of our own gender –it’s an idea that should be blocked at the first occurrence. It’s arrested development –back in the days of immature youth when “child sex play” is sometimes experienced –out of curiosity and early sexual awareness– experienced more by some children than others. Usually a selfish interest as in “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Desire to experience sexual touch. People aren’t to “arrest” there and conclude that they are probably homosexual for these youthful indulgences. Some homosexuals ARE victims of molestation –who figure they must be homosexual if they experienced pleasure in the molesting touch. I recall a story written by a young boy who was molested by an older boy at church camp –and this set him on a gay path for life –there was something arousing in the forbidden nature of sexual involvement in that context. I know that girls who are molested painfully by men as youth can be inclined to avoid men and prefer women.

            I think all sex outside of marriage is sinful, risky for STD’s, tends toward promiscuity, and can de-rail one from normal adult fulfillment in heterosexual marriage –God’s goal for us –and the most stable arrangements for rearing children.

            Society’s goal–and parental goal –should be to protect our children from youthful sex involvement –to teach and role model for them the good of hetero-marriage and parenting –the good of staying together as the family’s safety net, mental health center, and economic help — for life. Stable families for care of both children and the elderly are invaluable aid to society–and national economy –committed to caring for all.

            I got the idea you were saying you were homosexually partnered and raising a child –otherwise, I don’t understand the point you were trying to make in saying you were raising this child –a good thing, by the way. I didn’t get your point, however, whatever it was –now that you say you are heterosexual.

          • Dr Jacqueline

            So clearly this is your issue in creating your own delusional reality. You don’t know history nor social cultures- relying on your uncles’s experience. When I was in the USAF, I traveled the world as did my children when they served the branches they selected; those who are old enough. In the first day of postings I shared I have six children and discussed my husband. Miraculously, now you know I am hetero, I’m somewhat ok in your world? Please. The Christian faith has historically been the cause of more wars, genocides, and numerous variants of crimes against humanity than the sum of all other faiths. Our forefathers left a country to free themselves from this; our money did not claim religion until after WWII when we began listening to McCarthyist ideals of the Red Scare. In another post you suggested Nixon had grace because he quit. You are the first I have ever heard to suggest this as grace, most view this as cowardice for his fear of facing being held accountable for his illegal actions and that Ford immediately released him from such accountability should have been viewed as an act of treason. Again, don’t write, to me- this is a cease and desist and will not be tolerated. After you were asked to quit, legally you have been informed and publically in writing. Any more will be considered harassment.

          • Barbi

            Got back to you, Doc, as soon as I could. You can’t call responding to forum comments “harassment” and order the opposition to “cease and desist.” You simply want to have the last word –and I’m willing to keep responding –if I wanted “the last word” as you do, I’d tell you not to respond to ME. But I’m always willing to discuss issues.

            You are no less or more “OK” to me whether or not you are homosexual. No one is OK –“All have sinned and come short of God’s glory –and the wages of sin is death –but the gift of God is eternal life thru JEsus Christ our Lord.”

            It was something you said that made me think you were homosexual –when you mentioned being married and raising a child and seemed defensive about it –I don’t know what you were talking about.

            The Bible says it’s a sin to even “approve” those who do various sins listed in Romans 1:18-32. So I don’t approve the democratic party stance on gay marriage and abortion–and federal take-over of private healthcare and other private enterprises –the latter because I don’t think it has worked or will work –Europe is not in good shape economically for all their socialism. We are creating an “entitlement” society instead of an opportunity society where those who strive can truly “progress.” The feds are too big and too regulatory–and they repress dissent from their PC views. And your party cheats to win –there are so many evidences of that. It’s absurd that the president opposes voter picture ID’s for voting. That’s just one way his ACORN is enabled in their many cases of fraud.

            You are ABSOLUTELY wrong when you say Christianity has killed the most people –uh uh. Communism and Naziism lead the way–particularly Communism –and I don’t know what Islam’s death toll is, but they have a history of conversion by the sword –even more than you think Christianity does. Yet, Christianity is a much older ideology than communism or Naziism. I don’t think christians have begun to kill the 61 million killed by Stalin and Hitler and the 56 million killed in the US abortion holocaust –though some of the women getting abortions would claim to be Christian –just as people in prison claim that as their religion–because they have a Christian ethnicity as opposed to any other religious identification–but murderers and thieves and drug dealers and the immoral do not have a practicing faith in Christ –if they do, they at least know they have sinned.

            As for our heritage, Ben Franklin called for prayer with an eloquent speech –saying we labor in vain to build a house [nation] without God’s aid –at the constitutional Convention in 1787. He wanted them to get a local minister to open each day’s session because they were having trouble agreeing (Imagine that!) Geo Washington was known for his praying and religious content of speeches–his Thanksgiving proclamation (lincoln established the National Day in November, I believe) –I told you T. Jefferson, Deist, was on a school board approving 3 Christian religious texts. The Northwest Ordinance says something about establishing public schools for the furtherance of religion.

            Francis Scott Key during the revolutionary war was a minister who wrote the National Anthem –one verse says, “Blest with victory and peace, may this Heav’n rescued land, praise the power that has made and preserved us a nation. Then conquer we must –when our cause it is just –and this be our motto –In God is our Trust.” I repeat, since you did, people didn’t come to America for freedom FROM religion–but religious freedom –quite a difference. Yes, the Catholic church derailed and was oppressive –and their all-male secluded clergy class has been a big problem for that church –but America was founded more by protestants –and it is the influence of their biblical Christianity on the founders that made us free and strong. We bite the hand that fed us when we try to eliminate Christianity’s presence and influence from public life and policy.

            If you think we should never engage in wars –well, that would be God’s preference, too, that we be peaceful people –but the world is not peaceful or righteous enough to have peace –and we rightly try to liberate people from cruel oppressors who would behead and annihilate all dissenters, force abortions, imprison Christians, and fine photographers and bakers because they don’t want to participate in religious ceremonies of gay marriage. Yes, there are dark days in the history of EVERY CULTURE AND NATION –including the Christian-influenced nations.

            Not everyone claiming to be Christian is –if they hate people. We are supposed to love –but that doesn’t mean we cease to teach God’s standards of right and wrong which He has made plain to us in the Bible –and even written on our hearts such that we KNOW when we are wrong, usually–except for the way we are now searing the consciences of our youth by neglectful parents and shameful tv –such that these youth think nothing of “the knock-out game” –or suicide ventures in our public schools –or shop lifting brazenly on Black Friday in American stores. “The rich owe us –the stores owe us –we are entitled.”

            Truth be told, if you did a study, you would prove that it is democrat voters who do most of the dishonorable things –and defend wrong-doing– in America. Look at TV –with the B and F word –even in cartoons –and vile cartoons focusing on bodily functions which the unsupervised children will watch. The culture is going to H in a hand basket and the democratic party is on for the ride, even leading.

    • tpartythis

      keep fighting-we are winning.occupy or die.

  • Marty Cox

    Crazy people like this should blocked up NOW!!!

  • Catherine Maxwell

    Apparently she went to the Sarah Palin school of a-cephalics…..dumb,


  • Edgeworld

    I swear, for some time I feared my reading comprehension skills were waning. Then I realized it’s the way conservatives couch their thoughts.

  • SteveRosset

    Hope they tie her tubes. She should not procreate

  • Ladyirish317

    PLEASE tell me she’s been removed from office.

  • jimv1983

    I kind of have to agree with something she said. If you are a girl you are a GIRL and if you are a boy you are a BOY. Just because a BOY thinks he is a GIRL(or a GIRL thinks she is a boy) doesn’t mean he IS and shouldn’t be allowed in the bathroom/locker room of the opposite sex.

    Think of it this way, if you were the parent would you really feel ok if the school was allowing children of the opposite sex as your child to use the same bathroom/locker room as your child just because those other children THINK they are the same sex as your child?

    I know if I was a parent I would be FURIOUS!!! No child of mine would be going to that school.

    There is also the fact that it will make MANY other students uncomfortable. Children go to school to LEARN and being in uncomfortable situations like this inhibit that learning process.

    The whole castration part was a little too much.

    • Malfouka Malfouka

      You’re pretty stupid.

      • Barbi

        Malfouka –is that the best you can do to add to this discussion? So typical of democrats and liberals –just ad hominem attacks –not substantive ideas for discussion.

    • Melissa

      well, that is some confusion about transgender that makes it extremely hard on people who go through the transformation. it isn’t just that they “think” they are a different gender, they have identified with that gender for all of their lives and lived in the body of the opposite sex. i’d say that school has a number of seriously uncomfortable situations that inhibit the learning process. hetero sexual harassment is one, bullying is another and then there’s good old peer pressure. intolerance of someone’s real life situation is no excuse.

      • Barbi

        I absolutely disapprove any bullying –of Christians –or homosexuals –or Muslims –or ANY children. Bullying is not the way to settle differences of opinion about anything. Bullying kids, calling them gays or lesbians, is likely to make them think they just might be homosexual. So there should be NO LABELING by kids, teachers, psychs, or parents.

        Teaching that all beliefs, religions and lifestyles are equally good and valid is also not right –teaching that it is just as ok to be transgendered, homosexual, bisexual. That is NOT the teachers’ role in life –that is not how you cultivate tolerance. Tolerance is to be KINDNESS in behavior and language –regardless of differences in beliefs and opinions and lifestyles. We need to maintain our freedom of speech and religion –freedom to DIFFER and debate the DIFFERENCES. Once we say that tolerance means to stifle all dissent, and difference of opinion, thenwe cease to be American in the best sense of the word.

    • LeeAnn Gerleman

      Think of it this way. If a transgendered child believes she is a girl, regardless of her parts, she should use the girl’s bathroom. Girls ALWAYS use the stalls, girls ALWAYS close the door and ALWAYS sit down. Who would know? If a trans girl believes she is a girl, if she looks at another girl’s body, its not for a sexual thrill, its wishful thinking. No boy is going to fake being a girl just to get a thrill in the gym locker room. Because he would have to put on an act for months, and that’s not what a boy wants to go through. There are far easier ways to look at bodies.

      • Guest

        Yeah, I feel stupid for reading all that. I should have stopped.

      • Barbi

        So you have a ball game –and a boy from the other school decides to pose as a girl –for a prank –to get into the girls’ rest rooms –on a dare. Because, even though he poses as a woman, like most transgenders, he won’t “pass” as a girl. But who can stop him? There’s no rule to keep the boy out of the girls’ room anymore.

        Some transgenders are convincing and they may be able to fool the school by registering as the opposite sex and dressing accordingly. But watch this transgender posing as a girl reach puberty–and find he’s attracted to boys. now what we really have is a homosexual –boy posing as girl and attracted to boys like any other homosexual or girl.

        Now imagine that the attraction this transgender has is to YOUR boy child who thinks this boy is a girl. Is this what you hoped for when you raised him? A relationship with a sterile by choice transgendered male to female? whose sexual function is very likely impaired?

        • pensimmon

          For heavens sake. Children will shortly be adults, and will meet all kinds of people in the world. It’s ideal if they’re well prepared on not sheltered by ignorant parents from anything that is the slightest bit different from them. Sad. Very sad. What boring people they will be, and intolerant too.

          • Barbi

            Wholesome and normal are not boring. There is a lot of good clean fun and knowledge and humor and talents and abilities in the “sheltered” –whose parents are NOT ignorant of what our public schools have become these days.

        • Chibi-Zel

          if my son loves her, yes.
          a person’s worth is not about whether or not they are able to reproduce

        • Rani Bakr

          Not everyone raises their child to be a bigot.

      • jimv1983

        So I’m guessing you support just having unisex bathrooms/locker rooms?

        Also, in the case of locker rooms showering might be taking place. That is a lot more than just going into a stall and sitting down.

        • LeeAnn Gerleman

          No, I don’t support unisex bathrooms or locker rooms. Girls do not look over or under the stall walls. If you had a horny little boy in there, you know where he’d be looking and trying to see. However, a transgendered girl is not interested in looking at anyone’s privates in the bathroom, because she is believing she is the same sex on the inside.

          Every high school I’ve ever gone to had a large shower for most people, and two or three private showers off to the side. And high school girls do not shower like soldiers in basic, most of them wet their armpits and walk away. Girls do not shower like boys do. The problem I could see would be a transgendered boy could not go into a boy’s locker room comfortably.

          • Barbi

            I know of a school that took all the doors off the stalls–because of the smoking and drugs and sex behind closed doors. i didn’t think that was fair at all to the well-behaved young ladies who desired a bit of privacy.

          • jimv1983

            A transgender “girl” might not be trying to look at anyone but the actual girls will most likely still feel very uncomfortable. If you were a girl in school and you walked into the bathroom and saw a BOY in there would you be comfortable with that just because that boy THINKS he is a girl?

            The fact that you don’t support unisex bathrooms or locker rooms yet still don’t have a problem with this is a contradiction. If you allow so called transgender people to use the bathroom or locker room of the sex that they THINK they are you basically just have TWO unisex bathrooms/locker rooms.

    • Dr Jacqueline

      I have to admit I am grateful for this board member, she opened a dialog out of her own naivety.
      A complication I see no others addressing is simply that transgender does not necessarily mean hetero or homo-sexual. Many assume that because one identifies themselves as a gender not assigned at birth, this means the individual automatically then assumes the fullness of the socially accepted roles of that non-birth-assigned gender. This is not the case. Just just any other hetero or homosexual being, our parts do not define those to whom we are drawn as we pursue union with another. Their sexuaity is also not a sum of the parts any more than their emotional well-being.
      I have worked in many schools wherein the students are becoming more comfortable in being honest with themselves. School officials no longer have the luxury of ignoring sexuality as it also becomes a security issues due to the related cultural attitudes, bully mentalities and other systemic issues that are not the fault of the individual but issues which which we school officials and others who work with the public struggle with on a daily basis. (So many students with whom I have consoled cannot even discuss who they are with trusted family members for these very reasons-many opt to commit suicide or run away rather than open the discussion).
      Whether we are to discuss transgender or homosexuality, again, two separate issues, schools and other public facilities really need to consider revisiting how we design and accommodate for our modern populace in building design and structure; is grouping by M/F really all we need any more? What other creative ideas are there. Rather than all the commentary about closed-minded drones versus open-minded acceptance, we need to come up with progressive solutions to support our pluralistic society.

      • Barbi

        Well, Doc, I admit to being a closed-minded drone on this topic –because I also have an interest in the healthy, happy development of children and adolescents. Too bad we can’t get people to parent properly so that their kids know and appreciate their assigned gender and understand and look forward to their gender roles as males or females. We are letting all the tabula rasi develop without guidance or teaching. Common sense is less common and foolishness proliferates these days. And the result is more confusion and misery about gender and relationships. You’ll have more miserable boys and girls suffering bullying and pining away with unrequited crushes on friends of their same genders –and people who don’t accept them in their re-assigned surgical genders. I can’t imagine the pain of these wives whose husbands want to trans-gender and still stay with them –making them look like lesbians.

        • Dr Jacqueline

          How does forcing someone to be something they are not in any way foster healthy, happy development? That is as much to say that being named after a plasticized toy model of some delusion of female perfection is leading to healthy development. Yes, common sense is quite fleeting- the stereotypes and bullying flourish due to the close-minded thinking rather than the acceptance of persons being ‘true to themselves’.
          Your assumption of the pain of their loved-ones just shows your lack of understanding of these people. Their partners, loved-ones who choose to love them not for the sum of their parts but for who the individual is; if the person is able to be honest without fear of repercussion, there is no pain as this is a discussion had early in the relationship.
          In my experience working with students and adults as they try to acknowledge themselves to their families and society, these are the sources of larger issues which have historically led some to the dishonest, suicidal, or otherwise leading unsatisfying/ unhappy lives as many have lived in (being in the closet).
          Healthier lives are lived by those who need not lie to themselves let alone those around them. Open dialog, reduced hatred, limiting foolishness that is procreated in lack of understanding. We all have lived through unrequited crushes, regardless of the gender, so this is a ridiculous argument.
          When I was a teen, one of my first boyfriends was afraid he was like his dad who divorced his mother to join lives with a man. He quickly decided he was not drawn to women any more than his father who was also a pro football player back then. Now I work with a fellow who is raising a transgender daughter and he was afraid of acknowledging his daughter’s awareness of herself. I had to help this father understand that not all persons judge this wrongly; but that he and his wife were strong enough parents that their daughter was able to have the confidence to confide and become herself.
          While all of my six children (aged from 14-27) are healthy and confident in their hetero-selves, each knows several persons who openly acknowledge themselves as somewhere on the LGBT spectrum to my children and others in the school community.
          My children each think it funny that we did not talk about such things when I was younger given this is not a topic that is treated as just a ‘matter of fact’ in their schools. Because it is such a ‘non-topic’, there is no bullying due to this issue but religiosity and economic status remain a huge factor for childhood torment.

          • Barbi

            It’s a trend, Doc. When I was a kid, we knew what we were –and never contemplated a choice to be something else. There are people who think they are Jesus or Abe Lincoln, too –and they are in institutions. This is no different –except that we are cultivating craziness by teaching this nonsense that you promote –that people with perfectly healthy male or female bodies may really be in the wrong body. Dear me. You cite a father who is homosexual –and now his son is as well? This is no surprise. Parents have powerful influence –and so many kids are gender confused because of their parents’ separations or absence –failure to love their spouses and treat them according to their gender roles. We are not role modeling and mentoring like we should –when our kids get derailed in their gender identity and orientation. Or we aren’t protecting them with a wholesome culture and entertainment and religious and moral teaching.

          • Rani Bakr

            SRS surgeries have been performed since the 1930s. Magnus Hirschfield was pioneering study of transgender individuals in 1919. The Chevalier D’Eon successfully petitioned Louis XVI’s court to be recognized as a woman in 1777. Exactly how old are you supposed to be to claim you existed before trans people did?

            Then again, your ideas of the origin of gender identity/sexual orientation are so archaic it is entirely possible you’re a few hundred years old.

          • Dr Jacqueline

            Yes an incredible trend through which kids are able to acknowledge who they are to themselves much sooner in life than my friend’s father. My friend benefited from his father’s experience so that he did not repeat his father’s error- starting a family to fit in with societal expectations and having to live a lie for decades. When he and his wife divorced they remained friends as she loved him enough to understand being LGBT is not a choice it is who the person is- not something to be cured but rather to be acknowledged as a part of the intricacies of humanity – a factor which is common through the animal kingdom. You mention ‘wholesome culture’ and ‘religion’- the two single most factors that lead to murder, genocide and suicide. Leave it to Beaver represented wholesome culture for years– that traditional family ideal never existed- it was a fictional delusion we accepted as a cultural norm during which time it did not- there were statistically many more single parent households even then. LGBT is not a issue of parenting, that is another issue you keep touting and several have pointed out your inaccurate assertions based on lack of knowing anything beyond your assumptions. Most children and adults with whom I have worked who are in the LGBT spectrum do have both mother and father, attend some church regularly and are well-networked. Those who are depressed, much as outside of this spectrum have family members with whom they cannot speak and create their own levels of friends outside of that presumed connection…

          • Barbi

            I thought I replied to this. My question to you is how does it help children to allow them to develop delusions about their gender? Asylums/institutions do have patients who think they are Abe Lincoln or Jesus –which is their delusion. Pedophiles say they were born to be attracted to children instead of adults. To think one is born in the wrong body is a delusion. There are the mentally healthy and the mentally ill. You don’t reinforce delusions to help people. Just because you don’t understand WHY they are deluded doesn’t make them any less deluded. I raised 4 –I was conscious of their gender identity and fostered in them the idea that God had made them male or female –so they might grow up to become the daddies and the mommies some day–and we tried to live our relationship before them as something desirable.

            Today, parents are shacking up and divorcing and single parenting right and left –and usually speaking ill of the other gender in the process –and depriving our sons, especially, of their same gender role model –or we emasculate our husbands –or they emasculate themselves –or fathers hold a low opinion of women while doting on their daughters and the opposite gender parent treats the kid like the gender he isn’t –standing idly by while he tries on mom’s high heels and carries her purse –and points out how cute a girl he makes. (I was on the Oprah forum on this topic –after one of her infamous transgendering children shows –when mothers wrote in to say what they were observing and allowing in their toddlers whose gender identity and orientation they wondered about –absurd.) Overly babying boys is a big mistake. Read Dr. Dobson on how to raise boys and girls. Lots of wisdom from his clinical experience therein–and he was on the staff of USCa if I recall or UCLA.

            We teach kids their gender to a great degree. We teach them skills for relating with both genders. We give them their sense of self.

            I acknowledge there is a tempter and there are tempting thoughts that can come unbidden to children and adults –which is why religious education is important –so they know right from wrong and that they CAN, with God’s help, “flee temptations.”

          • elmo5159

            Barbi, who are YOU to decide that all transgendered people are delusional?

            It’s truly frightening to think that someone like you has reproduced. I certainly hope that none of your children is gay, or wants to have gender reassignment surgery, because it’s clear that s/he will get no support from you — nor guidance.

          • Barbi

            Thanks for your concern, Elmo. They’re doing fine. Who are you to decide that transgenders (it is a noun) are NOT delusional? I see all kinds of human behaviors that result from lack of good parenting, lack of awareness in parents, lack of protection by parents, lack of discipline and good strategies of child-rearing by parents such that kids are into their peers more than their families and get into bad crowds –lack of religious truth relayed by parents –lack of religious experience in youth such that their primary relationship and guide is the Lord and His Word. Kids left to themselves sometimes do start to indulge sexual activities and erotic thoughts and impulses with persons of same gender –bending the twig in the wrong direction.

          • elmo5159

            Barbi, transgenders (since you have learned that IT IS a noun — I see you didn’t know the difference until quite recently) are put through quite a battery of psychological testing before they are allowed to undergo SRS. Therefore, to call them “delusional” is misinformed at best and lying at worst.

            BTW, my children were raised with a “lack of religious truth” relayed to them, as well as a “lack of religious experience,” since my husband and I are agnostics — and they are quite intelligent and productive people. Who are YOU to imply that a lack of religion “causes” people to become transgenders, or affects their sexual orientation? I’ve got some other news for you: kids who are NOT “left to themselves” also start indulging in sexual activities and “erotic thoughts and impulses” — and whether that is with the same or opposite gender, it is not up to YOU say that the “twigs are bent in the wrong direction”.

            Who are YOU to judge anyone else? You are nothing but a pathetic, uneducated bigot who can’t see past your own prejudice and hate.

          • Barbi

            I’ve used this fairly new word as a noun, as an adjective –and as a verb –and mark my words, it will become a verb in future dictionaries. –Meaning “to cross or change gender.”

            I know they are tested –and the two we knew who were accepted to receive the surgery eventually after living as females for awhile — were as mentally ill and dysfunctional as anyone could be –dressing as men one day –and as women the next. One made vulgar remarks to women that seemed peculiar for one trying to be a lady. One of them had children who could not stand him and his wife cooperated to take and hang a picture of him in a cheerleader outfit in their home. I guess she enjoyed accommodating him as a girlfriend. Those of us who knew them (though not well) treated them kindly –not being asked for our opinion. But THIS is an opinion forum.

            I just saw that the CDC has published data about homosexuals –and finds there is a higher percentage of homosexuals in the city than in the rural areas and small towns –and higher percentage in unreligious families than in religious families. Now what does that tell you? It tells you that homosexuals are “made” and not “born that way.” that there is something about it that is possibly “contagious,” also. That they start into sex experience younger in life, on average. i wouldn’t be surprised if transgenders are also more prevalent in urban areas and non-devout families. So it’s not inevitable.

            I just talked to a counselor today who said he had a cross-dressing man in his practice –who said he just grew up to enjoy dressing like his mother –but had resolved that urge through biblical study and devotion to God more than his habit.

            People develop all kinds of habits and fixations –of their own free will. These aren’t all tendencies that can’t be helped. The CDC also noted that many homosexuals do have sex with the opposite sex periodically when the urge hits them –as it does sometimes –such that many have procreated in spite of their habitual preference for the same sex. Like any habit that becomes compulsive, homosexual preference is difficult to abandon–but not impossible.

            Who am I to judge? I don’t judge. I teach what the Bible says –what common sense knows –that we are created male and female in the image of God for His purposes and that we are not to mess around sexually with anyone but one’s own heterosexual spouse –all else is sin.

          • Dr Jacqueline

            Certainly Barbi, you are the word of God. You know her intent for all individuals and how each should honor and respect one another. You are truly a piece of work to be so caught into this discussion to argue with everyone in this dialog for well over a week. Most of us have jobs, careers and lives that do not afford the free time to cast judgment or tell others how to live or pretend to understand why they live that way. Your life is fine for you and your family, but not all share in your delusion. Fact is, you reality is yours, not necessarily shared by all as we can see here where you stand alone attacking everyone. Why? Because we are supporting a child and a society that accepts that we are a pluralistic nation, as we were meant to be.
            I know many persons who were raised in similar households as you have explained who commit suicide or are in the institutions you mentioned above because they are afraid of coming forward and being honest with their families. In another post you pretend to know something of the topic… suggesting that being transgender and homosexual are concurrent. Which they are certainly not – a fact I mentioned in a previous post from the other day I bothered being on this site. There are many men who wear their wives’ clothing; in some cultures this is an honored tradition through which men experience and develop a greater sense of empathy for their wives.
            Morals and character are separate from religiosity.
            There are great people who walk far from religion which is attributed to more serial killings, genocides and wars than any other single cause. I have met a few religion people who are good and actually care about their fellow man without casting the first stones and let the supernatural being guide them through life- somewhat their beacon. But, much as the Pope has recently acknowledged far too many use the powers vested in them to impugn, diminish, admonish others because of their economic & social status, cultural heritage, and beliefs that do not align with their own. People are now empowered to speak up and those in power are afraid that the upset will shift the balance and they will no longer be able to maintain the status quo to which they have become accustomed.

          • Barbi

            No, Doc, I do not pretend to be the Word of God –but I know His Word –and what it says about sex and morals. I know we are created “in His image” for His purposes, as male or female. There is no Biblical justification for what we are doing today in our sex-perimentation and sex-ploration and gender-bending. We can come up with plenty of excuses, but those will not justify us. Morals and character are NOT separate from “religiosity” as you claim. Yes, people can have a moral code and have somewhat respectable character (don’t lie, cheat, or steal, rape, molest, etc., e.g.) without necessarily having commitment to a religious faith –but judeo-christianity is the usual source and reinforcement for such respectable character. It is the source of our idea of respectable character in western culture. Judeo-Christianity is the one true religion which teaches and reinforces good character and morals like nothing else will or ever has –in the long and eternal run.

            You refer to religion being responsible for more wars and deaths, etc. Actually, nothing compares to Hitler’s Holocaust and Stalin’s –they killed millions and not for Jesus’ sake either. Not even in the name of religion. The Crusades and Inquisitions and witch hunts of the Catholic Church’s and Salem’s infamy pale in comparison with modern events perpetrated by Communism and Islam –both deceptive ideologies claiming to be good while committing human rights violations wherever they are in control.

            I have answered every comment made to me which has entered my emailbox. Is there something wrong with that? You would rather I ignore remarks addressed to me? Yes, I have time –I’m old enough to have time for things that are of utmost importance like writing on this topic –and fortunate enough to be supported in my writing and various charity and church works by my MD husband.

            As for those who have felt suicidal because of their gender-related mental illnesses, I am so sorry for their mental state –and I don’t support any unkind acts or ridicule or name-calling, labeling, or bullying of people who have gender confusion –or whose mannerisms and appearance suggest gender confusion or ambiguity. I believe we should really study these conditions and the parenting that helps young people avoid these confusing states –GID or homosexual orientation –or the compulsion to cross dress and desire to change genders.

            Yes, I’m well aware that homosexuality and transvestitism and transgender desire are not all the same –or interchangeable conditions. However, they are all clearly taught against in the Bible. We are made “in His image” as male or female –and He has roles and purposes for the assignment He has given us in gender. To reject the assignment is to rebel against our Maker. That’s not my opinion; that’s the Bible’s teaching.

            As for the Pope –I’m not Catholic –but we know that many priests who choose the Pope are gender-disordered themselves, too often perpetrating and hiding the homosexual pedophiles among them from prosecution. Of course we aren’t to persecute homosexuals, transgenders, and transvestites –but disagreeing with them is biblical –teaching against their activities is biblical. Not letting our children be influenced to follow their pattern is biblical. If we don’t recognize sin when we’ve been taught what it is, and don’t repent of it, there is an eternal consequence, not to our liking. That goes for all sins –not just sexual ones. Thank God for His forgiveness when we repent.

            If I care about humanity, and children and youth, writing on the topic and meeting and discussing with people who are against the Bible on this topic –is important work for me.

          • Dr Jacqueline

            What a self-rightegous, arrogant comment to suggesnt, “but judeo-christianity is the usual source and reinforcement for such respectable character”… Jews and so many others would strongly argue… let alone our forefathers who left these idelas for religious freedom from such tyranny. The Iinquisitions the Night of Terror, the native Americans Trail of Tears and our taking their land, Columbus— Hilter attacked people for their religious beliefs – again you show your complete selected knowledge. I was created by my mother having sex with my father, his semen split her egg and my cells began to split. My life began when I exited, not while I was inside dependent on another’s body for nutrition. There are other creatures that live off of others’ bodies but clearly that would be far above and derail the conversation of this person who should not sit on a school board because she also has a limited view of understanding the unique qualities of each individual. Forgiveness? Sure all lives ended except one family who had time and means to build a boat to have two of all animals from the planet on it and it floated with the supplies for them? The Bible is only a segment of religions and in this world there are many. You really think a lot of yourself to know that you speak the word of god… go hang with Sara, the Pope had to help her reach a better reality as well. But do not bother writing to me again, you seem uneducatable and I am too busy working with real people with real needs not busy bodies who want to throw their will on the rest of humanity.

          • Barbi

            How is it SELF -righteous or arrogant to say that Judeo-Christianity is the brightest light and the greatest civilizing force the world has ever seen? have you traveled much? I had an uncle who thought as you about “American exceptionalism” and its relationship to the religion of the founders of our gov’t –until he traveled around the world and came back to kiss our soil. He said he had come full circle in his faith after seeing the misery around the globe–he was no small intellect, a book author and PhD who supervised graduate students in education at a couple of noted uni’s.

            It is Judeo-Christian conscience in our culture –and the humanistic conscience which was influenced by Christianity while divorcing itself from it –that makes America self-critical and even repentant –trying to make reparations in various ways –recognizing our wrongs against native americans and slaves. It is our cultural Christianity that makes us consider how best to help the poor and debate amongst the parties about how to help the most people not be poor. it was Christians who led the abolition movement in both England and here and initially started most hospitals, colleges, homeless shelters and agencies to help the poor. John Stossel did a study and book and said the biggest charity givers are the religious conservatives –and especially the religious poor give a greater percentage of their income than the rich. And he said this was toward ALL charities, not just the religious ones.

            Keep in mind that there was plenty of room here for us and the native americans –but they took a tomahawk and scalped us for our fences and land-grabbing –the idea of ownership brought from Europe –though,only in America, every man could be a land-owner –instead of a serf. Keep in mind also that AFricans sold each other into slavery –and consider that slavery was a hold-over feature of life everywhere and from early civilizations. Today it’s the sex slave trade. And Christians are among the leaders fighting this today. And don’t think women’s rights and freedoms in general, human rights, compassion for the poor, were exalted in any other thriving, surviving culture before Christianity.

            We’ve always had saints and sinners among us in this nation –and sometimes the lines blurred between the two –especially in the perceptions of the historians including revisionists (just as you think I’m terrible for proclaiming Biblical morality –but I know I’m not hateful or really arrogant personally as you think.)

            Yes, the founders came here –not for freedom FROM religion as you seem to imply–but for freedom OF religion –starting with the Puritan Pilgrims who suffered under a state church. On D.C.’s first public school board sat Deist T. Jefferson–and on the textbook list were the Bible, the Common Bk of Prayer, and the Isaac Watts Hymnal. Schools had Christmas pageants –and to this day sing songs of Christian origin.

            Public school was started so everyone would have readers’ access to the Bible and not be subject to the whims of any church’s corruption that would deceive about God’s will –e.g. the Catholic church giving “indulgences” for sins in exchange for payment. We don’t PAY to sin –Jesus paid for our sins so that we could also STOP sinning –or work to that goal of perfection as He said. He gives us the clean slate and the fresh start. “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

            Christ’s Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.) became a standard for this nation–and a guide even for freedoms such as you want –like gay marriage. But there has always been this balance between the rights of individuals and the COMMON GOOD. Law was to restrain harm and evil –and advance the good.

            I think you have a right as a consenting adult to live as you wish behind closed doors with other consenting adults –but I don’t think the trend toward gender switching and orientation flexibility are for the COMMON GOOD. Law is a teacher –and we do well to teach that marriage is the union of a man and wife and should be waited for until youth grow up. So many errors in judgment and derailments occur on the road of life when one is young and untaught, unchaperoned, unguided. Law is supposed to help guide our way. Media has abandoned its responsibility to do that, also. The law is a teacher to the masses –and thus we have killed 56 million babies since 1973 and that infamous SCOTUS decision. How many artists, physicians, geniuses, helpers of the elderly, scientists to cure cancer –have we killed in the womb?

            You mention when life begins –Your view of when life begins is scientifically indefensible. The fetus has its own DNA code, gender, coloring, fingerprints –IDENTITY –IN THE WOMB –the fertilized egg is designed and scheduled from day one to be a unique individual life. It is the mother’s baby–not her own body to dispose of at will for convenience, sex selection, deformity, or because the father doesn’t want it. There are people who will give that baby a wonderful life. The Golden Rule comes in here.

            What is your point in saying that hitler attacked people for their religious beliefs? We agree; he sure did! He killed 6 million Jews and 5 million others, including Christians who opposed him –like Corrie ten Boom’s family–and Bonhoeffer. Hitler was no Christian and didn’t profess to be one –certainly not a Christ-follower in anything he did or stood for. I repeat my point –that STalin and Hitler –and No. Korea’s dictator, China’s abortion policy, Japan’s death marches, Pol Pot’s death marches, Castro –and various Muslim dictators have exceeded America’s and Christianity ‘s history of sinful situations and sinners –including lying democratic presidents –at least the GOP’s Nixon had the grace to step down and his party had the grace to tell him to do so. Out of that prosecution of Watergate came Chuck Colson, founder of the wonderful Prison Fellowship ministry which operates on multiple continents to improve the recidivism rate of criminals wherever it goes.

            God is alive and well and at work among His people –loving humanity, desiring to redeem us for Eternity and win us back from the clutches of Evil. And so Jesus’ death was done to satisfy the universal absolute of Justice. “It is finished,” Jesus said from the cross. And Eternal life is ours for the asking –if we repent and accept the free gift of forgiveness–salvation.

            It is a universal attribute of humanity, that man worships and looks to the Heavens for the power that controls day and night, the weather, health and life–and has felt a need to “sacrifice” to appease “the gods.” He senses that there is something that must be done to acknowledge the existence of this invisible designing power. He knows there has to be something beyond our comprehension–and Jesus came to do the miracles and raise the dead –and rise FROM the dead –just 20 centenarian lifetimes’ ago –to tell us that the God of the Jews is the Creator –and did reveal Himself to Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, the prophets, and Christ –and the early Church fathers who knew Him –and Paul who had a supernatural encounter with Him and together, with Peter and John, established the Church. The greatest stories of the New Testament after Christ’s life are found in Acts 4 and Acts 9.

            I pray you’ll have your own Damascus Road experience some day. When He touches you, you cannot doubt.

          • Barbi

            I answered this. Did I forget to post? or did it get deleted? I assure you Dr. J. that I am not the word of God. But I know what the Bible teaches about morality –and those teachings are the standard for good character and morals in western culture –which believed in one wife for one man, honesty, generosity, marriage, justice, etc.

            It wasn’t religion that inspired Hitler or STalin and they are the biggest of the mass murderers with their ideologies. And then there is Islam. Christianity’s sins pale in comparison to Islam, Communism and Naziism –especially since protestant Christianity flourished in America and shaped it to be the best, most humane nation in the world.

            I stand alone on this website because someone ought to. It is a left wing site, of course, so I’m one of 2 people I’ve seen here who are on the other end of the spectrum –the RIGHT end. I also am privileged to have the time to answer everyone who comments to me. I think that’s polite, rather than ignoring you and the others to whom I’ve responded.

    • samthor

      might want to brush up a bit on the differences between biological sex and gender. Also… you might want to consider living your life NOT worrying about what your parents would think of the bathroom you use…. it’s very liberating…..

      • jimv1983

        They are the same thing!

        • Rani Bakr


          • jimv1983


            Either you are XX which means your sex/gender is FEMALE or you are XY which means your sex/gender is MALE. There is also the EXTREMELY RARE case that you have an intersex genetic condition which means you are not XX OR XY but like 99% of so called transgender people don’t fall into that category.

            If you have to have surgery and take hormone replacement drugs to be the sex/gender you THINK you are then you aren’t really that sex/gender.

          • Rani Bakr

            Awwwww…you’re stamping your little feet now. Adorable.

            BTW, recent studies have shown genetic chimerism (where people can contain more than one strand of DNA) is a LOT more common than previously thought.

            And where exactly are you getting that statistic about the occurrence of intersex condition amongst trans folx? If you add up all the different reported cases of intersex condition, they add up to 1 in 100 births. Considering trans folks are about 1:500, there’s room for considerable potential overlap. And that’s only counting reported cases of either.

            And in any case, you’re the only one trying to conflate intersex conditions with gender dysphoria because you’re convinced that sex assignment somehow equals gender identity, performativity and/or role. Because you’re stuck in some sort of 1950s sitcom reality I assume.

    • pensimmon

      Children do indeed go to school to learn. One of the things they learn is about being a human being. That is supposed to include tolerance and understanding. It is a fact that some people have hormonal systems that do not match their physical appearance. Why don’t you spare a shred of kindness and decency in their struggle?

      • jimv1983

        There is a difference between being tolerant and understanding and being forced to use the bathroom with someone of the opposite sex. If someone has hormonal issues they need to see a doctor. Hormonal issues can lead to SERIOUS medical issues. Just because a few people have hormonal issues doesn’t mean all the other kids should have to feel uncomfortable just using the bathroom.

      • Barbi

        Note how intolerant the Left is toward the Right –on topics of gender and sexuality. Gender and bio-sex ARE the same thing –at least until the language revisionists get ahold of the definitions.You are born male or female –with very rare exceptions of ambiguous genitalia –and even then, the chromosomes will probably control orientation and development of more obvious gender characteristics consistent with the genes. The klinefelter’ males have the chromosomal abnormality, but are raised as boys and may not even know they have the extra x.

        • elmo5159

          WRONG, Barbi. Gender and “bio-sex” ARE NOT the same things. Education is a wonderful thing; get one.

          • Barbi

            Elmo –so much noise and so little light!

  • squillaempusa

    ok, so this woman is probably religious right? no offense to religious folks. so if we were all to live by religious rules, the bible says,”thall shalt not kill”, right? so, are we supposed to cut off every persons’ hands if they are going to be around other humans so they won’t kill them?

    • Barbi

      Obviously, the lady thinks men and women should use their own rest rooms. If the boys want to be girls, they better forgo all their male equipment and fully transgender –and not expect us to believe that every boy in the ladies’ restroom is truly identifying with the ladies instead of being some pervert. The women shouldn’t be subjected to men in their private quarters –not even men who think they are women. They aren’t women.

      • Rani Bakr

        You seem to have no clue how sentences work. “Transgender” is neither a verb or a noun, it’s an adjective.

        • Barbi

          I thought i responded to this already. On line dictionary says it is a noun or an adjective. The word has only been around since 1995, they say. Soon it will be a verb also –because people who want to cross gender –are transgendering!! or trying to. Makes perfect grammatic sense –but no common sense to desire the act.

          • Rani Bakr

            Uh nope. Transgender is a nominal identity, not an action. And the word has been around since the 1960s, at least. Christine Jorgenson was referring to herself as one in the late 70s/early 80s.

          • Barbi

            So, how would YOU say that a person is crossing gender? Transgender will become a verb. According to dictionary online, 1995 is when the coined phrase made the dictionary as noun or adjective. It’s not in my 1974 dictionary at all. i have some other words that make very good sense which, as far as I know, I have “coined,” –sexperimentation and sexperiment. Perma-bondability –like sticky tape that can lose its adhesive quality when over-used –as in too many sex partners such that none last very long.

          • Rani Bakr

            You say “crossing gender” as if there was some sort of solid delineated path between one or the other. Is a woman wearing pants “transgendering”, by your laughably absurd non-concept?

            Also, both Merriam-Webster and the Oxford English Dictionary list it as an adjective only. Noone cares about your nebulous made up “online dictionary” that only exists in your head.

            Pretty much everyone that actually does know what they are talking about refers to the process of hormone therapy and adjustments to social presentation, carriage, and dress as “transition” or “transitioning”.

          • Barbi

            I wonder why my response to you Rani is always deleted. Are you a moderator here? Everytime I quote you on calling me “laughably absurd in my non-concept” I get deleted. Is it the dictionary web address that gets it deleted? The dictionary on line site does indeed say transgender is a noun –or an adjective –as is the word “transgendered” an adjective. I’m betting it will soon be a verb –since they acknowledge here that with an -ed on the end, transgendered is a verb form used as an adjective. To do that, I think trans-gender would be a verb also –meaning to “cross gender.” Trans means across –to move across — as in Trans port –trans-scend –transition.

          • Rani Bakr

            Yeah, thankfully people like you that have no idea what you are talking about rarely get to define the discourse except amongst bigots like yourselves. Good luck with getting your hate speech recognized.

  • Stefan Alexiev

    Adolf`s dream 🙂

  • GabeLOwery

    stuff like this makes me wish i weren’t a part of the human race

  • http://alamantra.org Alamantra

    School board people are supposed to be in the business of giving all kids in the district the best education that they are able, not about worrying about gender issues. If this woman wants to go into that business, then she needs to apply at the Ministry of Eugenics …oh wait…she can’t, because there is no such thing.

    • Barbi

      She’s responding to the trend that a couple of states are experiencing –transgendering children and adolescents wanting to be treated as the opposite gender from what nature made them to be –and subjecting women and boys to invasion of privacy that rest rooms and bedrooms are supposed to provide for kids of one gender –not both. this is an occasion for voyeurs to get into the girls’ rest rooms –claiming they are transgenders. If they really are transgenders, provide a private one-stalled bathroom–so no one has to feel uncomfortable. Not that I think transgendering is healthy –it’s not. The ones who are willing to undergo gender changing surgery are choosing in their ages of immaturity to be mutilated and subjected to risky hormone therapies. Probably shortening their lives. Making decision they might not make if they waited until they were fully grown. Too bad their parents didn’t teach them to be happy with their assigned biology.

      Moreover, Johns Hopkins stopped doing these surgeries –because the patients were as miserable about gender after surgery as before. Recall the European transgender who killed himself/herself recently because he/she was unhappy with the result.

      • TEGOPScomments

        barbi, your ignorance is stunning. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

        • Barbi

          Your response is typical of your type –ad hominem attack –rather than substantive contribution to the discussion.

      • Nancy Smith

        A couple of points. The one-stall restroom idea doesn’t work in reality. The person constrained to using the one-stall is at the mercy of all other people who can use the one-stall. Situation – someone who’s “shy” decides to use the one-stall at all possible break times. The transgender kid doesn’t have access to the one-stall. Don’t laugh, it happens, and is usually prompted by the parents who are trying to make a point.

        Yes, Johns Hopkins stopped surgeries back in the 1970’s. But there is a thriving medical industry that performs surgical procedures all over the world. Sure, not everyone is happy, but a large percentage are very happy.

        • Barbi

          Sure they are –like the gal who became the first pregnant “man” –and divorced from that person and is now with another. Such confusion for the kids –mom? dad? who’s who and who’s what??

        • Barbi

          I doubt seriously that there is that much competition for the one-stall unisex rest room –put it by the principal’s office and you could password protect it –so the merely shy don’t use it. But even if the shy person uses it, does she have to take up all the time?

          We’ve had transgenders show up at our church–and women did not want those men in the bath room. It was clear, they were men. I wouldn’t want them in the men’s room either. The pastor pointed out the unisex r.r. to the one who came as a man one week–and as a woman the next. If you don’t know them, they can be scary to allow with kids in the opposite gender RR’s. As I understand it, neither attempted to use the ladies’ room when others were around.

      • Danielle Proctor

        Repeating the same lies over and over again Barbi does not make them become the truth! FUX News tactics do not work here!

        • Barbi

          Let see now –what lies?

          • elmo5159

            Everything you’ve posted so far, Barbi. Nothing that you’ve posted can be substantiated, least of all your BS about the bible and God.

          • Barbi

            Yes, the truth about God and the Bible has to be taken on faith. However, the evidences of a Creator God are abundant in nature and our unique planet in this vast amazing universe –even in the marvelousness of our brains and bodies –including our genders with complementary reproductive organs (not even evolution can make an explanation for the sexes.)

            Furthermore, the idea that He has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ by raising Him from the dead –has credibility when you read the eye witness historical accounts from the first century (the N.T.) and consider that these disciples were willing to die for not just Christ’s teachings –but for their own eye-witness to the Resurrected Christ. They could’ve founded a religion on his teachings only–but instead, they insisted that He was crucified, risen and coming again (because the risen man told them He would return.) Eventually, the whole world would know of this Jesus. Some of us tend to believe a person who can do miracles, heal 10 lepers, the blind, the lame, turn water to wine, calm the storm with a word, raise 2 dead people –and then rise Himself after 3 days dead! The whole Roman world down to this day dates the calendar by His life –BC and AD –or now C.E. Don’t usually do that for one known to be fictional from the start –so He wasn’t fictional.

            As for God’s existence, that’s very pertinent to this topic; in the famous chapter about homosexuality in the New Testament, Romans 1, St. Paul wrote:

            18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For
            since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

            21 For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles. 24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another.

            25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

      • http://alamantra.org Alamantra

        Regardless of what she is responding to, the answer is not “castration.” …Sheesh!

        • Barbi

          She didn’t say “castrate the transgendering kids.” She said they need the proper plumbing to go into either rest room. And that means they should be fully transgendered by castration (the boys in the girls r.r.) I, too, think it’s VERY foolish for parents and schools to encourage this fantasy in their kids that they can be any gender they wish to be. no wonder they’re confused –what kind of parents allow this thinking in their children? Very confused parents who lack direction and discipline for their children.

          • Barbi

            Now think about girls wanting to be boys going to the boys R.R.’s. Do you think they are safe??? No way. Not in jr.high or h.s. or older.

          • http://alamantra.org Alamantra

            I know someone who is transgendered and his parents are two of my closest friends. So I’ll tell you what kind of parents: …they love their child as much as I love mine, and have bent over backward to provide a loving home and good education. So stick it up your ass…

          • Barbi

            Alamantra –how on earth did their child conclude “he” wanted to be the other gender? You teach the child what he is and to be glad for it. “Wheeee! you’re a boy! like Daddy!” Of course, they LOVE the child–I’ve seen such parents on Oprah who think they are doing a good thing by enabling their child to transgender. But in fact, they are dooming this child to a lifetime of risky hormone treatment, mutilating surgeries, sterility, less than normal sexual experience and response, challenge to be accepted by peers, roommates, dates, prospective marriage partners –and then there’s the bathroom, locker room, dorm room issues if people KNOW he/she is transgendered and not biologically the gender he/she is portraying. (I’m using he/she, not to denote transgender, but to denote whichever one the person is portraying –referring to both genders.)

            They let the child make this decision IN HIS IMMATURITY with no idea as to what he or she is signing up for –just indulging his whim that he’d rather be the princess than the prince –and thinks he can be whatever he wants by dressing accordingly.

            I still think a girl transgendered to boy will not be safe in men’s rooms ever –not because of all the men who have a problem with it –but because of the bullying, mean types who are plentiful –plus the fact that MOST people really don’t think this sort of thing is necessary or good –or respectable.

  • Adam Abramowitz

    Seriously, WTF is wrong with people? She should get castrated.

    • Barbi

      So who’s the cruel one here??

  • Gina King

    What the f**k is wrong with these people??? Castration? really? The person in question needs to be fired. I would prefer out of a canon, but just removing from the board should be considered. Being trans doesn’t mean castration, some do elect to keep their testes/overies so they can be parents someday. Forcing this issue on kids is a huge no-no in my book.

    • Barbi

      So, Gina –you think a male should be in the females’ bathroom at the school –with your daughters? Just because they want to be? Just because they think they want to BE girls? When do we ever tell kids “NO –you can’t just be and do whatever you darn well please, Cintronella!”

      • Guest

        Are you serious? Do you personally know anyone transgendered? THINK they WANT to be girls? Be and DO whatever they please? REALLY? IF you are saying that transgendered people choose to just be something else, then congratulations! This is the most ignorant comment I have seen on the internet all week Barbi! seriously.

      • Dustin Brooks

        Barbi, are you serious? Do you personally know anyone transgendered? THINK they WANT to be girls? Be and DO whatever they please? REALLY? So if someone who sees themselves as female still has a penis, its a problem if they still have a penis and are in the bathroom with other girls? Like she cant control herself and is going to rape girls in the bathroom with the dick she doesn’t want? Reallllly???? If you are saying that transgendered people choose to just be something else, then congratulations! You are the most ignorant person I have come across today. Get educated, please.

        • Barbi

          Uh, dustin and Guest: what do you think a boy wants to be when he wants to transgender? a duck? He wants to be a girl and he thinks he can be one just by dressing like one–and maybe wants the surgery, too. He’s only miserable in that he wasn’t born a girl–and his parents have indulged him in the fantasy that he can “be whatever he wants to be” –and that he is “probably born in the wrong body.” Yes, I know 2 transgendering men –and both are miserable –before and after. N o, I do not think a transgendering boy really risks the girls and wants to rape them. I think they are rightly uncomfortable having a biological male in their bathroom –and they are entitled to that discomfort –and should not be subjected to it just because a little boy is mentally ill and wants to be in the girls’ bathroom. The one transgender I know would show up in a dress one day–and then be a slovenly male the next day. Both lived with women –the one with a wife and the other with a woman he called his sister –may have been wife –and the latter up and disappeared one day and no one knows what happened to him. Left no forewarding address –no, not because anyone was mean to him or said anything. i didn’t.

          • Rani Bakr

            There’s no such thing as “transgendering”.

          • Barbi

            I agree with you actually–you can’t really do it. You can only try but you can’t alter your genes.

    • Gina King

      um, the comment was deleted but looks like someone was questioning if I knew anyone who’s Transgender. Yes, I know a lot of people who are Trans, Intersex and questioning and I should since I’m part of the community. To clarify, yes I am Intersex (46XX/46XY Chimera) and I’m Transgender as well. I’ve always been both and always will be. If anyone wants to question my faith, my patriotism or my being would be in for a fight.

  • Brenna Lyons

    Not only a bigot but doesn’t even know what the terminology means. I’ve
    said it before, and I will say it again…castration does not remove a
    man’s penis. It only (surgically or with drugs) removes or impedes use of the
    testes. That does NOT keep a man from becoming erect or performing
    sexually, though it will lower the sex drive. There is a difference
    between being a eunuch (what she is probably actually advocating) and
    being castrated. Not that I agree with her, of course, but it just goes
    to show you how grossly uneducated this twit is. How ironic that someone so uneducated feels compelled to meddle in education. Says a lot.

  • labman57

    Why not just round up everyone whose gender identification and lifestyle choices conflict with her bigoted opinions and wholly dogmatic mores, take them out to a field and SHOOT them?

  • Jim Liang

    boy that escalated quickly

  • Danielle Briones

    As it turns out the hormones essentially do a chemical castration. Job already done!

    • Barbi

      What a shame! Letting immature kids –as all kids are –make such a permanent mess of their bodies and lives.

  • Guest

    The problem with her statement is that boys can rape boys, girls can rape girls, girls can rape boys, and boys can rape girls. It DOES NOT MATTER what anatomical parts and aggressor in a rape situation happens to have.

    If a boy and girl want to “make out”, they will find a location regardless of “school policy”.

  • jawstaysun

    The problem with her statement is that boys can rape boys, girls can rape girls, girls can rape boys, and boys can rape girls. It DOES NOT MATTER what anatomical parts an aggressor in a rape situation happens to have.

    If a boy and girl want to “make out”, they will find a location regardless of “school policy”.

  • Sea Maiden

    If you have a dick you should use the facilities that are made for those with dicks. As those who have to squat to pee should use the facilities build for them. If we want this to change make all faculties co-ed and stop everything that is gender pacific. remove gender all together in the work force and public life.

    • Barbi

      I think you mean “all facilities” –not all faculties? You have spoken out of both sides of your mouth here –on the one hand advocating that men’s rooms are for men, etc. On the other hand saying to stop having gender “specific” –not pacific? –rest rooms. So which is it? You cannot and should not remove gender from life –it’s impossible anyway. Women have a right to their privacy in bath rooms and bed rooms–as do men. Gender neutrality isn’t working so well in our culture –such that boys and girls are being confused about gender by confused parents and educators.

      • jimv1983

        I think what they meant is we should either actually maintain the M/F bathrooms are we should have co-ed bathrooms instead(I hope it never gets to this). If we are going to have separate bathrooms for males and females we should actually follow the guideline and allow only males in the male bathrooms and only females in the female bathrooms. Having separate bathrooms but allowing the opposite sex to use that bathroom just because they “think” they are the opposite sex kind of defeats the purpose of having separate bathrooms at all.

  • Wes

    I went to school in this district Katherine’s home number is 970-874-1617. Give her a call.

    • Barbi

      I did –I hope it was her number –I left her my phone number and some comfort for her common sense –so lacking on this transgender topic.

      • elmo5159

        Barbi, you are the LAST one to give “comfort” in such a situation, as you completely lack any common sense or education on this issue.

        • Barbi

          Hi elmo–i realize I’m on a liberal web site –the conservatives are mostly at work or cleaning house while you guys are sitting around oozing your mis-guided support and advice for the gender disordered. and confused. As for my participation, somebody needs to TRY –to take a stand for truth and righteousness –and submission to the God of Creation who designed us as male and female in His image.

          • elmo5159

            See, Barbi, you just love showing off your lack of education and sense! We liberals work and clean house, too — and YOU conservatives appear to be the misguided and confused ones. The fact that YOU believe in God does not mean that everyone does (as is our right), nor does it make God or the bible true. You wouldn’t know “truth and righteousness” if they smacked you in the face.

          • Barbi

            On the contrary, Elmo, you are the one who is “exchanging the truth about God for a lie” and “worshiping creature more than Creator.” See romans 1 about those who lust after their own sex –and about those who approve those who lust after their own sex. It says these are sins –like other sins. All sin makes us candidates for eternal destruction, damnation –but Christ forgives the repentant –and gives us Eternal life and wants to help us stop sinning –pursuing perfection as He commanded.

            All the gender confused deserve compassion and kindness –but not approval –no more than we would approve pedophilia or adultery. God has prescribed morals for our happiness. All of this gender confusion is making more youth more confused and miserable. They need to be ‘”transformed by the renewing of their minds.” If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

          • elmo5159

            Again: just because YOU believe that to be true does not make it so, Barbi — and the rest of us have the right to believe otherwise, as so many of us do.

            BTW, the “gender confused” (as you erroneously call them) do not care about the approval of bigots like you; they just want to be treated like everyone else, and allowed to live their lives as THEY wish, not as YOU want to force them to.

            Keep YOUR God to YOURself — the First Amendment is a two-way street.

          • Barbi

            Exactly! the first amendment is a 2-way street –which means we can speak our faith as part of free exercise of religion and freedom of speech. It is wrong to moderate my remarks out –however, it was also wrong for Wes above to publish the lady’s phone number, so that every bigoted nut in the country will phone and harrass her.

            As you said, just because you believe what YOU believe to be true does not make it so –and we both have the right to believe whatever we wish–but that doesn’t mean we are both right in our beliefs –both believing Truth.

            The gender confused should be treated kindly as the males and females they are. they have a right to marry anyone of the opposite gender (who is of age and not close relative) –according to the traditional, age-old definition of “marriage.” They shouldn’t be ridiculed or called homosexuals by various names –even if they ARE homosexual –or transgenders. They shouldn’t expect people of normal orientation and gender identity to want to share private quarters, showers, dorm rooms, etc. with them –if they are really biologically the opposite gender.

            Putting gays in with their same gender is like putting a teen girl in the boyscout tent–unmarried persons (youth) of opposite orientation and erotic polarity shouldn’t be sharing bath and bed –be they straight, gay or transgender. It’s too tempting to immoral pre-marital activity –or otherwise an invasion of privacy for people who don’t want to share close and private situations with people who are genetically the opposite gender.

  • Karen

    I know a bit of education law and I’m thinking that Ms. Svenson just committed the school district to pay for GRS for each student who is transgendered in her district…

    • Barbi

      No one should pay for GRS –mutilating kids and sterilizing them, impairing their ability to enjoy real sex.

  • Larissa Pearson

    I don’t think she’s the demon she’s made out to be, she may be misguided, but she’s not evil. I am as liberal as they come, but I got to give this older woman some slack dealing with modern issues with true concern for kids.

  • http://emelyes-kitchen.blogspot.com/ Emelye Waldherr

    A delegation of trans men need to visit this person and set her straight.

  • Barbi

    Well, you all missed the point. I think she doesn’t want boys pretending to be girls to get into girls bathrooms –unless they are willing to forgo their male hormones and equipment. Otherwise, a guy could come to school dressed as a girl in order to be a voyeur–not to mention the girls’ discomfort of sharing rest rooms with a biological male. Those people who truly want to transgender can use a unisex, one-stalled bathroom. They aren’t entitled to have everyone believe that they are born into the wrong body, entitled to dress and share private quarters with those of opposite gender. Such children have been failed by their parents. Only those with anatomical and/or genetic abnormalcy like hermaphrodites and Kleinfelters’ Syndrome are entitled to be gender confused, needing special accommodations as they identify as one gender or the other.

    • Chibi-Zel

      a unisex one stall bathroom. because these things actually exist in schools.
      And because we all remember how well separate but equal worked out last time.

      • Barbi

        It’s easier to install such a rest room -by the principal’s office –than to force all the kids and even female teachers to accept a male-trying to be female –in the rest rooms with them.

  • samthor

    is anyone taking her seriously?
    will someone be checking the genitalia at the door?

  • Ghostdreams

    That Ms. Svenson is a complete and utter idiot doesn’t bug me. There’s lots of them running around these days. What worries me is that an uneducated, irrational idiot like her has a voice in the discussion. People like her are the reason our communities teenagers are bullied, beaten and mistreated.

  • Missi SaidItAll

    Send her back to Russia

  • Ravenfall

    Well, wouldn’t it be nice if we were misunderstanding her, and she actually wanted to fund the surgery that each and every transgender student would need. Now that would be awesome. Why don’t we pretend that is what she meant, and try to get that passed.

  • george

    This Barbie is a real piece of work, wow, how does someone become that ignorant

  • April

    She should have been removed immediately and so should those who work with her that sit by & allow her to talk such garbage, for they are just as guilty for not speaking up & out against such stupidity

  • William Nailen

    OK kiddies. Some goon with the brain of an earwig has just advocated the castration of preoperative transgendered females (tgirls, in my parlance) in Colorado. Actually, to be fair, she brought up her opposition to what she perceives as “boys in dresses” using the girl’s lavatory unless they’ve been, um, snipped. Which is the problem. First — these are not “boys in dresses,” these are “girls with an unfortunate birth defect.” Gender identities are more or less imposed — men tend to be larger, heavier, don’t develop boobs (unless they juice too much) and a few other physiological differences (skeletal ratios, musculature, etc) but mentally, there is very little difference. It is arguable that many of the differences (other than innie or outie) are products of selective breeding based on cultural moires which have been in place for about 15,000 years (divide by 3 if you are a biblical literalist). As a result, when an actual anomoly (such as transgenderism) occurs in a small portion of the population, our cultural programming kicks in and we respond badly. Just like homosexuality (which appears entirely natural in origin, affecting somewhere around 10% of a human population, plus or minus depending on local population pressure).
    A word I hear bandied about a lot when people talk about transgendered individuals is “freak.” Here’s a list of a few other notable freaks: Chang and Eng Bunker, arguably the most famous of conjoined twins; Fedor Jeftichew (aka Jo Jo the Dog Faced Boy), and Joseph Carey Merrick (aka The Elephant Man). Each of these people possessed a physiology which led others to describe them as “monstrous.” Each of them suffered severe persecutions/misunderstandings due to the nature of what we (in our homogenous arrogance) describe as “deformities.” Each of these folk were simple, decent humans that (once you got past their unusual appearance) were just that — simple, decent humans.
    Transgenderism has been around for a long, long time kids — from the “effeminate” companions of Theseus who took the place of a couple of the virgin girls to be sacrificed to the minotaur to the medieval viragos who dressed in their fallen brothers’ armor to avenge their family honor. We don’t know much about the phenomenon, because humans tend to kill off anomalies. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for the crime of wearing male clothing, which was considered a form of witchcraft. Those directly affected by this condition tend to learn very quickly to keep silent about it, or risk severe injury and death. Why?
    Sexual repression. People are so uptight about sex in this country that a film where a crowd of people can be mowed down in automatic weapon fire and gain a PG-13 rating, while showing full frontal nudity or (gasp) a penis can earn an R or NC-17 rating. Showing extreme anxiety about what little girls and tgirls are up to in a bathroom (other than the obvious) actually makes me wonder more about the anxious individual’s own sexual proclivities. Sad, really.
    That’s not to say we haven’t made great strides. But (as adults) we do need to call these ignorant folk out and keep informing the public of the truth. Why? In places like Russia, being gay is bad enough, but being transgendered? That could be a death sentence. Russia is not alone in their mistreatment of the LGBT community, of course, but every chance I get to throw a barb at Russia on this particular issue I will. I expect better of the people who produced Tolstoy.
    Transgenderism is NOT a simple sexual preference issue or a “gender choice.” It goes a bit deeper than that. It is a little more complex than “I like guys so I must be a girl in a boy’s body.” Due to the complexity of this issue and the dangers to the individuals affected by this condition, we have GOT to open our minds a bit more. Over half transgendered individuals attempt suicide at least once before their 20th birthday. A transgendered individual is about 50% more likely than a gay individual to suffer a violent assault. This is unacceptable.
    Of course, we must also bear in mind that a lot of people are simply unable to process the concept of transgenderism, especially if they suffer from a severe religious bias. While I’m sorry for their confusion and anxiety, I’m not going to “hold the train” while they get their luggage together. They can either get on board with the rest of the human race or get left in the dust with all the other useless baggage (sexism, slavery, theocracy, feudalism, human sacrifice, etc).

  • Dr Jacqueline

    I want to thank the team that supervises this website; once they were informed of the bigoted attacks of one active poster, they reviewed the situation and took a greatly appreciated course of action. Again, I thank you.

    • RedStateDems

      Thank you, Dr. Jacqueline! We’re in the process of launching our new Liberal Planet site (http://LiberalPlanet.com) – but that’s no excuse to take our eyes away.

      Thanks for the notification. We’re all about involvement and always looking for volunteers to help us.

      • Dr Jacqueline

        I am happy to help anyone who is trying to make lives better through valid and genuine information exchange. Let me know if you need more volunteerism.

  • RedStateDems

    We apologize for allowing a single user to abuse the comment system. Thanks to those that alerted us to the issue and thanks to everyone for participating.

  • Jack Hoit

    she is right, As a transsexual woman i agree with her