Saturday January 19, 2019
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Taking A Stand For Democracy

Do you want to support our troops and veterans?  Take a stand for preserving our right to express our right to think , agree, disagree and vote as we please without threats to our elected officials from power money lobbyists trying to take control.  Are our troops risking their lives for freedoms we have taken for granted?

Freedom isn't free memorial wall

In Colorado, if we lose Evie Hudak as our recently re-elected Senator because she voted for gun control, then we have lost our ability to have an opinion about anything without fear.  If we do not protect the people we elected to make our decisions when they are attacked by those who would destroy anyone who does not support their agenda, then we have lost the whole point of what Democracy stands for.

Fighting for and winning to achieve Democracy was and is hard, but losing it is surprisingly easy.  Just let our rights be stripped from us little by little by big money interests, starting by removing everyone who disagrees with them.  “Recall” is meant to remove someone from office who has criminally abused power, not because they have voted in a way that displeases some political group.  This is dangerous, disrespectful to every elected official trying to do an honest job representing we, the people and a terrible threat to the America and our way of life.  Don’t let this happen

Evie Hudak was re elected last November for her second term as Senator. She has held over 50 public meetings and coffees within her district for public feedback and is well respected in the community. The idea that this woman is being used as an example of what happens to someone who dares to vote against the NRA and big money interests, that every Congressman better not dare oppose these powerful people or risk losing their job, is frightening. We had better pay attention now by stopping this outrageous injustice.  Stop the recall before it starts!


Guest Blog by Suzi in Colorado

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